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10.01.19 -- Special Edition: AUSA Preview

Special Edition: AUSA Preview
  Come See AR Modular’s Offering Of Tactical Amplifiers Featuring MUOS And MANET Capabilities

30 MHz To 88 MHz / 500 Watts
AR-5000 Series: Covers 1 MHz To 1 GHz

First in the 5000 series of amplifiers, the AR-5010 is designed for quick, inexpensive prototyping, helping products get to market faster. It provides accurate representation of the input signal, regardless of waveform. It also delivers the highest power achievable in its small size.


Visit AR Modular RF at AUSA Booth 550.

Featured Article
Piletest Uses The Fischer LP360 Connector In Pile Echo Tester To Test Pile Foundation Integrity
By Fischer Connectors

Piletest uses Fischer Freedom in its Pile Echo Tester. Fischer Connectors first produced a prototype using Piletest’s oiled cable to test mechanical constraints, then two prototypes to test electrical constraints. Piletest’s specific requirements were twofold: their design engineers needed a solution that could easily be integrated into their device and their end users needed PET to be rugged, IP68-sealed, fully cleanable, and ultra-easy to connect. As a result, Piletest chose the Fischer Freedom Series full connectivity solution.

AUSA Booth 8458
Antenna Test System: R&S ATS1000
Brochure | Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

This system supports far-field and near-field antenna measurements with its compact design. The mobile chamber helps to optimize the overall RF performance of antenna modules already in the initial phases of development.

AUSA Booth 4145
The Importance Of GPS (GNSS) Derived Timing
Application Note | GPS Networking

GPS's main function may be to provide a means of deriving position, but the constellation of satellites also is an efficient time keeper. This application note details how GPS or GNSS timing is crucial for critical resource and key infrastructure (CIKR) sectors, and stresses maintaining reliable timing networks.

AUSA Booth 557
Introducing A Better Alternative For Advanced Electronic Warfare Solutions
White Paper | By Brian Perry, Mercury Defense Systems

This white paper examines the electronic warfare (EW) landscape, the role of open systems architectures within EW, and presents a better way forward for the future of EW that meets the challenges of today and tomorrow.

AUSA Booth 1761
How To Design An LTCC T/R X-Band Module With A Phased-Array Antenna
Application Note | National Instruments (NI)

This application note describes how to design a transmit/receive module with a 2x2 phased-array antenna operating in the 8 to 12 GHz range. This paper also covers capabilities within the NI AWR Design Environment platform, including multitechnology and circuit/system cosimulation.

AUSA Booth 3905
Spuma RS FR For Aerospace And Defense Applications

Spuma RS FR is the most flexible cable from the Spuma family and is ideal for use in many types of aerospace, defense, and satcom applications. The patented rotary swaging (RS) technology (low-loss strand) allows it to overcome the common tradeoff between flexibility and low attenuation.

Extending The Range Of A Low Power UAV Radio
Article | NuWaves Engineering

Low-power UAV radio systems, though designed for short distance communications, can be an inexpensive and reliable means of communications over greater distances — especially when the application is small UAS platforms.

Development Tactics And Techniques For Small Form Factor RF Signal Recorders
White Paper | By Chris Tojeira, Pentek, Inc.

This paper describes the engineering considerations and design techniques used to develop a small form factor rugged recorder that can handle the extremely high data rates associated with very wide bandwidth RF signal recording. 

Aerospace And Defense Brochure
Brochure | Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Aerospace and defense industries depend on precision systems operating faultlessly under extreme conditions. Skyworks’ RF/microwave products support applications including avionics systems, electronic defense and countermeasure platforms, global positioning devices, and land mobile radios.

Highs And Lows Of Electronic Warfare
Article | By Mike Lee, dB Control

The next chapter of electronic warfare (EW) is all about precision and low visibility. Col. Mark Dotson said the Army’s new EW strategy is centered on, “using low power to affect the signal and to affect it in such a way that it may not even be detectable that you’re interfering with what they’re doing.”


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