Newsletter | October 12, 2021

10.12.21 -- Special Edition: AMTA 2021 Show

Featured Article
Measuring Multi-Antenna Isolation Using A Multiport VNA

Higher densities of radio frequency (RF) transmitter and receiver antennas on many platforms are a result of the expansion of wireless technology. Knowing the actual antenna-to-antenna isolation allows engineers to assess the filtering requirements in wireless receivers.
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Discover The Oscilloscope Of The Future

Along with numerous technical issues, test engineers are continuously facing time and schedule constraints. The oscilloscope of the future aims to include all test instruments within a single box.
AMTA 2021 Booth 27

EMC Test Chambers Case Study

When ALTER TECHNOLOGY faced the problem of a too-small test chamber, ETS-Lindgren used numerical simulations to predict RF performance along with building information modeling (BIM) to optimize the chamber configuration and even maximize the chamber performance beyond requirements.
AMTA 2021 Booth 34

Programmatic Control On Tektronix USB Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers

Using the latest in commercial interfaces and available computing power, the Tektronix RSA 300/500/600 USB real-time spectrum analyzers separate signal acquisition from measurement, reducing instrument hardware costs. The series also suits applications needing automatic measurements or remote control.

Optimizing EMC Testing With Pre-Compliance Test Chambers

On-site testing is an efficient technique for completing EMC product testing to EMC industry standards. Shielded rooms and anechoic EMC test chambers are cost-effective, timesaving, offer confidentiality for company developments and patents, and increase reliability.
AMTA 2021 Booth 10

Linearity Of The JFET And MOSFET When In Saturation Over The Entire Cycle

Performing RF amplification in a way that is simultaneously linear and efficient has been a challenge in power amplifier (PA) design. But this paper demonstrates that linear amplification can be achieved at high power with an efficiency greater than 60 percent, using a single FET.
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Must-See Products At AMTA 2021
Solid State Broadband High-Power RF Amplifier: Model 4136
OPHIR RF’s model 4136 is a 50-Watt broadband amplifier designed for applications operating in the 6.0 to 18 GHz frequency range. This amplifier utilizes Class A linear power devices that provide an excellent third order intercept point, high gain, and a wide dynamic range.
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Featured Multimedia
Introducing Pentek’s Family Of Quartz Products

Based on the Xilinx Zynq Ultascale+ RFSoC, the Quartz family brings performance and high-density integration to a wide range of different application spaces with a uniquely flexible design path. Quartz is available in standard form factors like 3U VPX, or with the QuartzXM Carrier Design Kit, it can be deployed on application specific custom carriers. 

Bulletin Board
Catalog: JFW Terminations

JFW terminations are designed and marketed for cell site installations and laboratory applications.

Featured Products And Services
AK-40G Antenna Kit
The AK-40G antenna kit is a receive and transmit device that operates within the 20 Hz to 40 GHz frequency range. This kit is individually calibrated, has a rugged construction, and is ideal for FCC, MIL-STD, VDE, and TEMPEST testing.
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