Space-Qualified SAW Devices

Source: Phonon Corporation

Phonon has been producing an extensive legacy of space-qualified SAW devices since 1987. All products are built to each customer’s individual requirements. Products can be built for either commercial or military space applications. Our space-qualified products are all built to MIL-PRF-38534 Class K reliability.

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Space-Qualified SAW Oscillators:  SAW based oscillators offer better phase noise performance at higher fundamental frequencies of 300MHz to 2.5 GHz.  Phonon’s oscillators feature micro-oven designs which greatly improve frequency stability over temperature while using a minimal amount of power. Aging Stability is very small with a typical performance of 20 ppm over 20 years.

Space-Qualified SAW Filters: These devices are ideal for space applications due to their small size and excellent durability. Full MIL-STD-883 qualification standards are available.  Phonon Engineering has great design flexibility due to the ability to synthesize any finite impulse response. Designs are available from a wide range of 20 MHz to 2.5 GHz.  Bandwidths are available from .1% to 50% of frequency.  Internal matching capability is available if desired. 

Space-Qualified SAW Integrated Module Assemblies (IMAs): These are also known as modules or sub-systems. The most complex of Phonon’s product offerings, modules combine SAW components with additions like amplifiers, mixers, detectors, and more. Each module configuration is custom-designed to meet the customer’s desired performance capabilities. A sub-system is in turn made up of multiple modules. Examples of types of modules Phonon has produced include unity gain, ovenized, switched filter, channelized filter, and pulse compression.

For more information on who Phonon has delivered space-qualified SAW products to in the past, or for additional information on Phonon as a company, download the datasheet. You can also contact Phonon directly for more information.