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10.03.19 -- Space-Qualified Components | Week In 5G

From The Editor
The Week In 5G: 10/1/2019 — Norway’s First 5G Video Call, OPPO and Keysight Establish 5G Test Lab
By Ed Biller

Plus, Japan's KDDI partners with Ericsson and Nokia, KT and Hyundai apply 5G to construction sites, and more, all in this edition of the Week in 5G!

Featured Article
Tolerance And Size Analysis For mmWave Filter Manufacturing
By Knowles Precision Devices DLI
A common question regularly asked to Knowles Precision Devices is, “Why not just integrate a filter in the board stack?” In short, there are manufacturing tolerances to consider, and size must also be considered. This white paper examines different 26-GHz filter manufacturing approaches with the specific design goals to better understand the importance of tolerance and size analysis.
Spotlight On Space-Qualified Components
Overview Of Tests On Radar Systems And Components
Application Note | Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
This application note demonstrates how to use the Rohde & Schwarz radar product portfolio to tackle test and measurement tasks in modern radar technology. The idea is to become familiar with radar issues as well as to learn how to solve certain test and measurement tasks.
Zero In On The Best RF Transistor Technology For Radar High-Power Amplifier Designs
Application Note | Integra Technologies, Inc.

The top solid-state HPAs are built on a discrete or integrated RF power transistor. This app note discusses best practices for evaluating transistor options for HPAs and offers examples of ideal fits for certain applications at different frequencies and under different waveform conditions.

Why Satellite Ground Stations Are So Important To Mission Success
Article | Bliley Technologies, Inc.

Satellite ground stations play an important role in making SATCOM possible by providing real-time communication with satellites and can serve as command and control centers for a satellite network. Simply put, the ground station (or network of stations) is the “brain” of the entire satellite network.

High-Stability And Low-Power Demand In A Compact Oscillator
White Paper | Greenray Industries, Inc.

One of the demands of manufacturers in RF markets is an oscillator that offers tight stability in a compact package. Greenray Industries offers the T75 Series TCXOs (temperature compensated crystal oscillators) as a solution to meet these demands while offering low power consumption.

How To Reduce The Time And Cost Of The Aircraft Certification Process
Product | IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p.A.

External threats such as high-intensity radiated fields (HIRF) and lightning strikes may have catastrophic effects on modern avionic platforms due to the extensive use of composite materials and the replacement of mechanical and hydraulic flight controls with electronic devices (fly-by-wire systems). 

Measuring And Monitoring Satellite Signals
Application Note | Narda Safety Test Solutions GmbH

This application note describes example measurement principles that cover the above-mentioned applications and for which the NRA range of spectrum analyzers from Narda is particularly suitable.

High-Performance Components For Space Applications
Brochure | Krytar

Krytar, Inc. specializes in designing and manufacturing a wide range of ultra-broadband, high-performance microwave components and test equipment designed to cover RF, microwave, and mmWave frequencies within commercial and military space applications. 

  21st Annual Global MilSatCom

Will you be joining us at Europe’s leading military communications event for satellite professionals — Global MilSatcom — taking place in London, U.K., on the 5th, 6th, and 7th of November, 2019? With only nine weeks to go, the final early bird discount is expiring this month. To secure your seats at the best rate, book by September 30 to save £100!

Featured Multimedia
How Solid-State Amplifiers Are Addressing New And Existing Applications

Rob Rowe with AR discusses the current state of solid-state amplifier’s pace of technology and how advancements in higher linearity, reduced harmonics, and higher power are impacting applications involving wireless communications, testing in consumer, aerospace, and automotive applications, and more.

Bulletin Board
Lightweight And High Reliability Space Solutions Brochure

HUBER+SUHNER develops and manufactures state-of-the-art microwave components offering outstanding electrical and mechanical performance for space flight and ground test applications up to 110 GHz. These technology-driven, customer-focused solutions within demanding space flight and ground test applications provide the customer with the peace of mind that they have settled for nothing less than the industry's best. 

Featured Products And Services
High-Efficiency Microwave Power Module: PTX8501
Download Datasheet
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TMD Technologies
Hermetically Sealed Broadband LNA For High-Reliability Space And Military Applications
Download Datasheet
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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
EMI Filters
Download Datasheet
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Corry Micronics, Inc.

High-Power Family Of Products For EW, ECM, Radar/Comm Applications
Download Datasheet
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dB Control
Fischer UltiMate Series
Download Brochure
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Fischer Connectors
Shielded Surface-Mount Inductors For Military RF Applications
Download Datasheet
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Gowanda Electronics & TTE Filters

Defense And Space Filters
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Teledyne Defense Electronics, LLC
80 dB Variable Attenuator From DC To 2.55 GHz
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JFW Industries, Inc.
Low-Profile X And Ku Band Cavity Filters
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