Newsletter | July 14, 2020

07.14.20 -- Space-Qualified Components | Satellites

Spotlight On Satellites/Space-Qualified Components
Providing Narrowband IoT Coverage With Low Earth Orbit Satellites

This article describes the modeling of a SATCOM link, specifically the use case of using a satellite overlay to extend service continuity to IoT devices in a poorly covered rural area.

Are You Space Qualified?

It would seem that the desire to explore our boundaries is built into our DNA and, as a result, has driven us into every corner of the globe with few territories untouched. Considering this expansion, it is only reasonable we would extend this reach into the cosmos.

In Situ Calibration Utilizing The R&S ZN-Z3x Inline Calibration Units

This article covers a new calibration subsystem consisting of ICUs designed for in situ use. This method adds versatility, convenience, and accuracy to the VNA-based measurement system, as it allows calibration to be refreshed at any time without manually disconnecting the DUT from the test system.

Lightweight And High-Reliability Space Solutions

HUBER+SUHNER develops and manufactures state-of-the-art microwave components offering outstanding electrical and mechanical performance for space flight and ground test applications up to 110 GHz. 

Choosing Blocking Capacitors — It’s More Than Just Values

Capacitors often are used to create filters, generate DC protection, and build bypass networks. This article discusses how to improve RF performance by using fewer capacitors that block DC and pass AC current, and how to choose these capacitors based on real world performance.

Choosing RF Switches For High-Power Applications

Capacitors often are used to create filters, generate DC protection, and build bypass networks. This article discusses how to improve RF performance by using fewer capacitors that block DC and pass AC current and how to choose these capacitors based on real-world performance.

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Featured Multimedia
E-Book: FPGAs And Software Defined Radio

High-speed RF processing for high-performance computing applications, as with software defined radio (SDR), require resources such as FPGAs to deliver the flexibility and accuracy needed in this space. Understanding FPGA options and data acquisition components can help developers optimize these application solutions.

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Webinar: RF And The Future Of Healthcare

RF and microwave technology is not just about wireless communications or military radars—it is increasingly important to medical electronics systems, such as MRI systems for cancer detection. Learn more about RF and microwave technology's roles in the healthcare industry with this informative webinar, hosted by Times Microwave Systems’ business development manager, Carrie Obedzinski.

Featured Products And Services
30 MHz To 512 MHz Multi-Band Automatic Booster Amplifier With Co-Site Filter

AR Modular RF offers the new Model AR-50X booster for the AR-50 series. It is designed to provide the same performance of standard AR-50 models with the addition of full-duplex MUOS support over the dedicated satellite communications antenna port.

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AR Modular RF
4 To 18 GHz, Ultra-Wideband, High-Power, Solid State GaN RF Amplifier Module

Comtech’s latest development continues to expand on its proven innovative integrated RF GaN power amplifier designs by further increasing the bandwidth and power density. Comtech proudly introduces the Model BME49189-50, the latest in GaN-based 4 to 18 GHz RF amplifiers.

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Comtech PST Corporation
10 To 46 GHz Directional Coupler With 10 dB Coupling

KRYTAR’s Model 510046010 is a directional coupler designed for system applications where external leveling, precise monitoring, signal mixing, or swept transmission and reflection measurements are required. This device operates in the frequency range of 10.0 to 46.0 GHz and offers nominal coupling of 10 dB in a compact package.

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Radiation-Tolerant, Phototransistor Hermetic Surface-Mount Optocouplers

The OLS049 and OLS249 are radiation-tolerant, phototransistor hermetic surface-mount optocouplers designed specifically for hi-rel applications requiring optical isolation in radiation environments such as gamma, neutron, and proton radiation with high current transfer ratio and low-saturation Vce.

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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
DC To 22 GHz Distributed Amplifier

Qorvo offers the CMD240C4 wideband, GaAs, MMIC distributed amplifier housed in a leadless 4x4 mm surface-mount package. The amplifier operates from DC to 22 GHz and is ideal for radar, space, satcom, test and measurement, and electronic warfare applications.

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AR Solid State Field Generating Systems

AR's state-of-the-art solid state field generating systems are designed to offer better performance, increased reliability, and the industry's best support for a variety of applications, including EMC radiated susceptibility for MIL-STD-461 testing, radar systems, and communications.

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