5 – 2150 MHz Solid State Programmable Attenuator: 75P-223

Source: JFW Industries, Inc.

5 – 2150 MHz Solid State Programmable Attenuator: 75P-223

JFW offers the 75P-223 solid state programmable attenuator for applications operating over the 5 to 2150 MHz range with 0 to 63.75 dB attenuation by 0.25 dB steps.

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This 75P-223 attenuator has seven individually controlled attenuation steps:  0.25 dB, 0.5 dB, 1 dB, 2 dB, 4 dB, 8 dB, 16 dB and 32 dB. The device is rated for +23 dBm of RF input power and is available with 75 Ohm BNC, F, or N female RF connectors.

For additional features and specifications on the 75P-223, download the available datasheet and drawing.

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