6 to 18 GHz Solid State High Power Amplifiers

Source: MtronPTI

6 to 18 GHz Solid State Power Amplifiers

MtronPTI recently released a line of broadband, solid-state, high power amplifiers covering the 6 to 18 GHz range with up to 40 Watts power serving the needs of tactical communications, satellite terminals, electronic warfare, radar, point-to-point backhaul, medical, industrial, and scientific applications.


Each amplifier in the series is built from GaN or GaAs FET and available as modules or rack-mountable units. Simulation and mechanical designs proven up to 40 GHz ensures high reliability under rugged operating conditions.

Individual specifications include:


  • Class AB GaN design
  • 46 dB gain
  • 40 Watt output power
  • 32 Volt operation


  • Class A GaAsFET design
  • 43 dB gain
  • 20 Watt output power
  • 12 volt operation


  • Class A GaAsFET design
  • 40 dB gain
  • 10 Watt output power
  • 12 Volt operation

For additional information on each high power amplifier’s features and specifications, download the available datasheets.