Application Note

SNP Advanced Technology Synthesizer Modules App Note

Source: Giga-tronics Incorporated

The SNP line of standard product synthesizer modules from Giga-tronics features extremely low close-in phase noise over the 6-24 GHz frequency bands. These modules are well-suited for Instrumentation, EW, Radar and Datacom clock applications. Using permanent magnet YIGtuned oscillators, these modules offer relatively fast tuning speed and low power consumption.

The heart of the synthesizer module is the Accumulative High Frequency Feedback (AHFF) Technology. This patented technology was developed by Giga-tronics engineers to overcome the limitations of fractional — N synthesizers. The AHFF technology achieves low N numbers and fine resolution in a single loop by making use of a high frequency reference source with a variable component to drive the PLL. Additionally, the PLL uses high frequency, fractionalfrequency prescaling to allow the ratio for the reference frequency to the output frequency to be quite low compared to traditional PLL synthesis methods.