Newsletter | June 7, 2022

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A Guide To Snubber Capacitor Selection For SiC-Based Switching Converters

Today, most converter circuits now include semiconductors and switches made of silicon carbide (SiC) instead of plain old silicon (Si). In this post, Knowles dives into the advantages of using snubber circuits to protect SiC-based converters and discusses how to further increase efficiencies by focusing on capacitor selection.

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Connectivity Q&A: Insights For Better, Faster Wi-Fi Deployments In Asia

Today's Wi-Fi 6, 6E, and soon-to-come 7 provide low latency and a higher data capacity. In this article, Jeff Lin explores today's Wi-Fi standards and features being executed across Asia — assisting engineers to design better and faster wireless connectivity applications.

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DSP-Driven Clock Sources Alter System Timing Architectures

Equipment suppliers are searching for ways to provide low-cost, multi-protocol interfaces that can be quickly provisioned for use. Expected levels of quality paired with performance and flexibility requirements of network interfaces are increasing, creating a need for more sophisticated and efficient test techniques to guarantee hardware functionality and design margin.

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Technological Solutions To Overcoming Hurdles In UAV/UAS Market

Over the last decade, unmanned aerial vehicles and systems (UAVs/UASs) — also referred to as drones — have become widely popular and gained significant interest in commercial, consumer, and government markets. As these technologies are evaluated, radar performance and versatility should be among key criterion, factoring more than just the cost of the hardware.

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Modulation Measurement Optimizer

This document describes the approach of a waveform-specific, on-site characterization of the analyzer. For each waveform and frequency of interest, the instrument is evaluated in a first step. With this additional data, a fast and repeatable auto-levelling can be performed during the actual measurement.

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A Comparative Review Of GaN, LDMOS, And GaAs For RF And Microwave

Gallium nitride (GaN) is widely viewed as a transformative technology that has enabled smaller, lighter, and more reliable RF/microwave devices than its predecessors. However, there are trade-offs to consider when selecting which technology to use for a particular application. 

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Strategies For Developing Xilinx’s Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC

New RFSoC technologies add RF-class analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog data converters to Xilinx’s family of FPGAs. This white paper looks at current trends in data converters and signal processing to better understand the capabilities of RFSoC and how to best use the technology.

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Glass Sidewall Packages Provide Performance For RF Applications

Glass sidewall packages achieve highest levels of hermeticity for hardware in space vacuums and extreme temperatures. Compared to ceramic, they deliver better RF performance thanks to their lower dielectric constant.

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Must-See Products At IEEE MTT-S IMS
M626x Series TCXO/VCTCXO

MtronPTI's M626x series of products uses a high-Q crystal with a newer generation of integrated circuit (IC), resulting in an excellent phase noise of -156 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset and tight stability down to +/-0.1 ppm over -40°C to +85°C. 

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Boonton Real-Time True Average Power Sensors: RTP4000

RTP4000 true average power sensors provide 80 dB dynamic range and a frequency range down to 4 kHz. Built with Boonton's Real-Time Power ProcessingTM, these sensors deliver 100,000 measurements per second, with virtually no gaps in signal acquisition, and zero measurement latency. 

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Wireless Telecom Group
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RF PIN Diode Switches & Assemblies

dB Control’s high-power, environmentally sealed broadband and narrow band RF PIN diode switches and assemblies ensure accurate test and measurement of multiple RF components used in radar systems, electronic warfare systems, ground-based communications systems, and other applications.

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dB Control
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Commercial 8 GHz Solid-State RF Switches

JFW has added a line of 50 ohm solid-state RF switches that operate from 20 MHz to 8 GHz. These commercially rated models are ideal for constructing low-cost RF testbeds for automated testing. The switches are controlled with TTL control lines.  The switches can hot switch up to +26 dBm with typical isolation of 55 dB at 8 GHz.

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JFW Industries, Inc.
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X-Band RF Transmitter: VSX3717

CPI’s VSX3717 is an air or liquid cooled 4.0 kW X-band solid-state power amplifier optimized for pulse radars. This amplifier utilizes GaN transistors to provide high gain, high efficiency, and excellent pulse fidelity. The result is excellent AM/PM, phase-noise, and spectral regrowth performance.

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Communications & Power Industries
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6-40 GHz Directional Coupler: 106040030

KRYTAR’s Model 106040030 is a directional coupler designed for system applications where external leveling, precise monitoring, signal mixing, or swept transmission and reflection measurements are required. This device operates in the frequency range of 6.0 to 40.0 GHz and offers nominal coupling of 30 dB in a compact package.

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S1G6C Series Amplifiers

S1G6C models are Class A, solid-state, self-contained, air-cooled, broadband amplifiers designed for applications where instantaneous bandwidth, high gain, and linearity are required. They protect against input overdrive beyond 0 dBm and various failure conditions, including over-temperature and power supply faults. 

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Featured Multimedia
Video: The AR-5010 — Go Further. Do More.

Our engineer takes you into the features, benefits, and markets for the new AR-5010 amplifier. The AR-5010 is a class A amplifier designed with optimized performance to support linearly modulated, multi-carrier waveforms with high crest factors. The AR-5010 is a part of AR Modular RF’s AR-5000 Series, which is the next generation of wide-band, Class A/AB linear amplifier designed for use with modern digital modulations.

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