News | December 10, 2013

Size Matters And TWT Replacement Consider The Possibilities

Source: Empower RF Systems, Inc.

Systems “shrink job” and solid state upgrade supported by Empower HPAs

Leveraging next generation hardware and software innovations that are part of Empower’s “size matters” architecture, several unique configurations of these HPAs are being shipped to key customers. This particular set of high power HPAs build on the size, weight and power advantages already demonstrated with commercial product releases in the broad market, “size matters” product family.

This recent and unique Airborne Pulse HPA solution features UHF and L-Band pulse amplifiers tied to a shared power supply and delivering 1 kW and 3 kW pulse power, respectively.  Each amplifier is housed in a 3U chassis, and the shared power supply is housed in a 1U chassis.  As shown in the illustration, this next generation solution replaces older products which totaled 16U in size  -  the UHF solid state amplifier was in an 8U chassis and an L-Band TWT was housed in another, separate 8U chassis.   That entire legacy combination has been converted to solid state, size has been reduced by 44%, and utilization of a single, shared power supply eliminates considerable systems integration work for the end user.  These next generation amplifiers from Empower also demonstrate our “device agnostic” approach to delivering a high performance systems solution  -  we design with the best devices for the application.  In this case, the UHF pulse amplifier is designed with LDMOS and the L-Band pulse amplifier is designed with GaN. 

About Empower RF Systems
Empower RF Systems is a leader in power amplifier solutions targeted at four key markets  -  electronic attack, communications, radar, and test & measurement.  Our products incorporate the latest semiconductor and power combining technologies and originate from an extensive library of “building block” designs.  Solutions range from basic PA modules to multifunction PA assemblies with embedded, microprocessor controllers. For more information, visit 

Source: Empower RF Systems, Inc.