Site Optimization Services/Interference Mitigation

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Site Optimization Services/Interference Mitigation

Bird’s Site Optimization Services (SOS) can be used to identify and solve noise and interference in RF communications systems.  With over 40 years of experience in RF field services, Bird is the ideal service provider for long-term monitoring for interferers, site analysis, interference mitigation, system validation, and re-banding.

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As radio communications can sometimes be the difference between life and death in emergency situations, reliable communication is a must. Bird’s Site Optimization Services (SOS) can be used to obtain and maintain reliable communications signals for a variety of applications.

Interference Mitigation:

Several different types of interference can cause area coverage loss, dropped calls, or poor quality. These problems can stem from something simple like another RF transmitter in the vicinity, or as complicated as severe multipath or electrical noise. Bird’s team of RF Engineers are ready and able to travel to your location, investigate the interference, and offer suitable solutions when applicable.

For the most challenging interference issues, SOS can continually record broad segments of the RF spectrum, allowing us to capture signal activity happening concurrently with a potential interference event. The software we’ve developed allows for the recreation of signals, which gives us the ability to confirm that the recorded signal is creating the interference. In addition, we can also utilize our mobile direction finding equipment to locate the interfering signals. All this is possible due to our custom mobile interference laboratory.

Other Services:

Mobile signal analysis is available to help identify problem areas for mobile and portable units as well. Bird’s field personnel work in conjunction with other technicians during re-banding, giving you a fully optimized system without having to ship equipment back to the factory. Intermodulation studies are then performed and provide detailed combiner designs.

Bird utilizes self-contained trailer systems that can perform our various services before the infrastructure is installed. This helps avoid unnecessary expenses should significant changes be required, such as complex filtering or changes to your frequency plan.

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