Newsletter | October 2, 2021

10.02.21 -- September's Most Popular Articles & News

Most Popular Articles
How Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) Measurement Improves Your System-Level Performance

Error vector magnitude (EVM) is a popular system-level performance metric that is defined in many communication standards, such as wireless local area networks (WLAN 802.11), mobile communications (4G LTE, 5G), and many more, as a compliance test. 

Why GaN Is 5G’s Super ‘Power’: A Series

While some feel GaN is still a relatively new technology, many can't dispute how it's advanced to the head of the class. Gallium nitride is a technology on the cusp of dethroning silicon LDMOS, which has been the material of choice in high-power applications. 

PIN Diode Basics

A PIN diode is essentially a variable resistor. This white paper from Skyworks Solutions provides an introduction to the basic theory of variable resistance in PIN diodes as well as breakdown voltage capacitance. Also reviewed are the various aspects of PIN diodes, including switching considerations, temperature effects on forward resistance, and specifying PIN diodes for various applications.

Most Popular News
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