Self-Securing Circular Connector: ODU MINI-SNAP®

Source: ODU-USA, Inc.

Self-Securing Circular Connector: ODU MINI-SNAPĀ®

The ODU MINI-SNAP® connector is a self-securing, circular connection solution offering long-term reliability, a high level of quality, and the best operating features for applications that transfer power, signals, data, or media.

The MINI-SNAP® connectors utilize the Push-Pull principle to ensure that connections do not release until desired by the user. The mated connector can no longer be separated by just pulling on the cable. When the operator is ready, the plug can easily be de-mated from the receptacle by pulling back on the outer sleeve of the connector housing. The connector is available in a wide range of sizes and configurations. Available basic keying options include pin and groove keying, half-shell keying, and split insulator keying.

For more information on the ODU MINI-SNAP® and its features, download the brochure above.