2x2 Sector Antennas For MIMO Radios: 1009-035 And 1009-037

Source: RFMW, Ltd.

2x2 Sector Antennas For MIMO Radios: 1009-035 And 1009-037

RFMW has designed and supported the new Southwest Antenna part numbers 1009-035 and 1009-037. These antennas are designed for use in in base station infrastructure applications, and MIMO/MANET and Mesh network radios. The antennas come complete with hardware for mounting to one or two inch diameter poles enabling rapid deployment of networks for event management and security.

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The 1009-037 operates in frequencies from 4.4 to 5.0 GHz, while model 1009-035 covers frequencies from 2.2 to 2.5 GHz. Both antennas deliver 12 dBi minimum gain, handle RF power levels up to 50 W. These 2x2 antennas offer 120 degrees of azimuth beam width featuring a dual polarized design with 1x 45 degree slant left and 1 x 45 degree slant right.

Download the datasheets for more information on the 1009-035 and 1009-037 2x2 sector antennas.

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