Rugged Amplifiers/Transmitters For Radar, EW And Communications

Source: TMD Technologies
Rugged Amplifiers/Transmitters For Radar, EW And Communications

TMD Technologies offers a broad range of rugged amplifiers and transmitters for radar, EW, and communications applications. Products in this range are fully ESS tested, and are designed specifically for harsh environments in terms of vibration, shock, and temperature extremes.

These amplifiers and transmitters are available with various configurations according to individual application requirements. Devices can be mounted on a base plate or provided as a fully integrated rack mountable unit that includes a cooling fan. If a custom solution is required, TMD is willing to talk through new product and technology possibilities.

Amplifier/Transmitter Key Features Include:

  • Fully integrated microwave tube
  • High voltage switched mode power supply
  • Built in test electronics (BITE)
  • High level of customer support worldwide
  • High level of production innovation: Queen’s Award for innovation in 2005 for a low noise radar power supply design

For more features and specifications on the different amplifier and transmitter models that TMD has to offer, download the brochure.