News | November 25, 2014

Rohde & Schwarz Expands Its R&S OSP Modular Platform For Wiring RF Test Equipment And DUTs

Source: Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

Seven new modules have been added to the R&S OSP open switch and control platform from Rohde & Schwarz. Users now have altogether 28 modules at their disposal for implementing a variety of RF wiring configurations between test instruments and DUTs. This allows them to reproducibly configure even automatic path switchovers in complex RF test systems and control them via Ethernet.

The modular R&S OSP gives test engineers in production facilities, test labs and R&D departments a wide range of options for quickly setting up RF wiring configurations and controlling them manually or via a computer. As opposed to manually reconnecting RF lines, the test system switches between the connected instruments, DUTs, filters and antennas fast, reliably and reproducibly.

The new I/O module makes it possible to control external equipment also via differential lines. It offers 16 differential RS-422 outputs and four analog output voltages for controlling antenna systems, for instance.

The two new transfer relay modules (DPDT) each have two SMA or N relays, making it easier to implement cross-wiring between two RF paths. A nonterminated octuple changeover relay (SP8T) has also been added.

Plus, Rohde & Schwarz has complemented the universal SPDT and SP6T monostable relay modules with bistable versions. When the control voltage is removed, they do not return to their original switching state but remain in the prevailing state. As a result, the control voltage is needed only for switching and not for the switching state's complete duration. This reduces power consumption, in particular in large test systems, and maintains the switching state when the supply voltage fails.

Last but not least, power sensors of the R&S NRP-Z family from Rohde & Schwarz can now be integrated into the R&S OSP, enabling users to set up compact configurations for power measurements.

Thanks to its application-specific modules, the open switch and control platform is ideal for setting up EMC and OTA test systems. The R&S OSP120 and R&S OSP130 base units can be expanded with the R&S OSP150 extension unit via CAN bus, ensuring security of investment for future system expansions.

The new modules for the R&S OSP open switch and control platform are now available from Rohde & Schwarz. For information, visit

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SOURCE: Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG