Brochure | August 25, 2014

RF Millimeter Wave Sensor Heads

Source: Ducommun Inc.

SRF series Single and Dual Channel Doppler Sensor Heads are designed for long range motion/speed/directional detection where the sensitivity is essential. The sensors are constructed with a high performance horn antenna or horn-lens antenna, a linear to circular polarizer and T/R diplexer, a balanced mixer (I/Q mixer for dual channel version) and a high performance Gunn diode oscillator or dielectric resonator oscillator/multiplier chain. The low 1/f noise mixer diodes and high performance oscillator enhance Doppler detection at low IF frequency and circular polarized waveform improves reception ability for various Radar targets. The sensors are offered with single or dual channel version. The dual channel version provides target moving direction (approaching and receding) information of the target while detecting speed.