RF Inductors That Meet QPL Requirement for MIL-PRF-15305

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RF Inductors That Meet QPL Requirement for MIL-PRF-15305

Four “MLRF” series of wirewound, molded, thru-hole RF inductors meet the military’s Qualified Product List requirement for mil spec MIL-PRF-15305. Performance varies by series but overall ranges include Inductance from 0.10 to 1000, Q Min from 25 to 75, SRF MHz Min from 3.4 to 680, DCR Ohms Max from 0.025 to 72, and Current Rating DC mA from 28 to 3000. These inductors are designed for radio frequency applications in military, aerospace and defense. This includes use in communication, guidance and security applications, as well as in radar, test & evaluation and special mission applications. The shielded series is used specifically in applications where the close proximity of circuit board components requires the inductor to be shielded to minimize interactions and ensure performance of the overall system. 

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The military part numbers represent a range of core materials:

  • MS75083, MS18130 and MS75008 are phenolic core
  • MS75084, MS14046, MS90538 and MS75101 are iron core
  • MS75085 is ferrite core
  • MS75087 is phenolic core with iron shield, MS75088 is iron core with iron shield, and MS75089 is ferrite core with ferrite shield

Operating temperature ranges vary by series and core type. Download the datasheets for complete technical details, drawings and packaging information.

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