Newsletter | December 21, 2021

12.21.21 -- RF Globalnet Top 10 Of 2021


Many would say 2020 proved challenging, in the home and at work. But for myself, and hopefully others, 2021 has been more triumphant than trying. In August, I began my role as editor for RF Globalnet. In these few short months, I’ve explored areas of interest and innovation I’ve never experienced before — from the variable success of spectrum auctions to the latest in EMC and EMI testing to the proliferation of 5G-enabled applications in more varied and niche markets.


Revisit, or experience for the first time, some of those very things right here in our Top 10 newsletter. 


But before you do, I’m asking a favor. 


What makes RF Globalnet successful is the invaluable insights of our subscribers and our partners. The breadth of your experience, breakthroughs, and collaborations is nothing short of impressive. As you peruse our product offerings, contemplate the most recent editorials, and catch up on the latest news, remember that it’s all here to benefit you — and because of you.


What better way to enrich yourself and the RF community than by joining the conversation? I welcome all who have expertise, insights, and ideas to share. 


As we round the corner into 2022, I thank all of you for your continued interest and support. I can’t wait to explore more and to bring you the latest and greatest innovations in RF and microwave.


All the best, 

Abby Proch, Editor

Top 10 Industry Insights
  1. The Rectangular Waveguide Cut-Off Frequency
  2. Clarifying MIL-STD-461 And EMI Filter Misconceptions
  3. Balancing Performance With Compact Quadrature Hybrid Couplers
Top 10 Resources
  1. RF Power Amplification 101: Amplifier Classes
  2. Understanding Composite Microwave Filters
  3. Understanding Iterative Direct DPD
Top 10 News Stories
Top 10 Products & Services
  1. Three-Axis Antenna Positioner: 7.3AE3BP-7.3m
    Communications & Power Industries
  2. S-Band Pulsed Klystron Amplifier: VKS-8262
    Communications & Power Industries
  3. Handheld Vector Network Analyzer: R&S ZNH
    Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
Top 3 Webinars