Newsletter | December 17, 2020

12.17.20 -- RF Globalnet Top 10 Of 2020


So long and, for many, good riddance, 2020! This year was dominated by the global pandemic: It forced researchers to devise creative approaches to continue their studies, drove technology firms to innovate new ways to promote their offerings in the absence of trade shows, and adapted many of us to designing components or solving mathematical riddles surrounded by toddlers and pets, versus having knowledgeable colleagues at arm’s length. Other challenges faced by the RF/microwave industry included widespread misinformation linking COVID-19 to 5G radiation, delayed spectrum auctions or 5G infrastructure projects, and unprecedented increases in demand for bandwidth as quarantine and work-from-home mandates took hold. In this edition, we’ll review the biggest industry news, most significant technological achievements, and popular products from the past 12 months.

Starting with our first newsletter of 2021 on Jan. 5, RF Globalnet will resume tracking the industry’s push to empower the globe with 5G, as well as explore the latest industrial, military, and consumer RF and microwave technologies — acting as a resource and a virtual gathering place to fill some of the void left by the industry events many of us have been missing. Also, keep an eye out for more in-depth application discussions and other educational content that fosters your professional development. We appreciate your readership and we welcome questions, comments, or contributions to the site at

Have a safe and joyous holiday season,

Ed Biller
Editor, RF Globalnet

Top 10 Articles
  1. Next-Generation Wi-Fi: 6 GHz Is On The Horizon
  2. Overcoming Radar Simulation System Challenges
  3. mMIMO Enables 5G; GaN On SiC Enables mMIMO
  4. The Benefits Of A Tunable RF Filter
  5. Understanding And Guarding Against Electromagnetic Interference
  6. Magnetron Theory Of Operation
Top 10 Resources
  1. Providing Narrowband IoT Coverage With Low Earth Orbit Satellites
  2. Simplifying 5G Radio Design With A New Range Of 28 GHz Bandpass Filters
  3. RF Amplifier Catalog
  4. Military Radar Products Brochure
  5. Webinar: Installed Antenna Performance And RFI
  6. Six-Part Webinar Series On RF Fundamentals
Top 10 News Stories
Top 10 Products & Services
  1. Pulsed Klystron Amplifier: VA-87W
    Communications & Power Industries, Beverly Microwave Division
  2. Portable Monitoring Receiver: R&S PR200
    Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
Top 5 Videos