RF Filter Products

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RF Filter Products

Bird Technologies’ reliable RF filters are designed and built for operation in the most challenging applications with the harshest conditions. Although they are primary building blocks for duplexers, multicouplers, and preselectors, these cavity filters can be used individually or cascaded together to prevent interference or system clean up.

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The TX RX Systems brand cavity filter product line consists of four model types which may be cascaded to achieve an arithmetic sum of individual filter attenuation. When the proper length of cable is used to interconnect the cavities, additional attenuation of up to 6 dB can be achieved.

Bandpass Cavity Filters – These filters pass one narrow band of frequencies and attenuate all others with increasing attenuation above and below the pass frequency.

Series-Notch Cavity Filters – These filters pass a relatively wide band of frequencies while rejecting a very narrow band of frequencies.

Vari-Notch Cavity Filters – These filters pass a relatively narrow band of frequencies and rejects (notches out) a relatively wide frequency band.

76 Series, Cavity Filter Loop Kits - These allow the same cavity shells to be configured for different responses in order to suit different application needs.

For more information on the different models of RF filter products, download the catalog.

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