RF Amplifier Integrated Circuit (IC) Gain Blocks

Source: RFMD

Low-cost RF339X amplifier gain blocks meet stringent requirements of wireless infrastucture applications
The RF339X general purpose gain block amplifier series consists of cost-effective, high-reliability gain blocks in leadless packages. Comprised of the RF3394, RF3396, RF3397 and RF3398, these low-cost RF amplifier gain blocks meet the stringent requirements of wireless infrastructure applications, where low noise and high linearity are mandatory. Designed to meet your specific reliability and thermal requirements, these small devices exceed industry life tests and are footprint compatible with all standard ceramic and plastic micro-X packages.

Operating in frequency bands from DC to 6000 MHz, these parts are an ideal solution for many circuit blocks, including IF and RF amplifiers and buffers, driver stages for power amplifiers, and the final power amplifier for some low-power applications. The devices are self-contained with 50 ohm input and output impedances, requiring only two external DC-biasing elements to operate, and are manufactured using an advanced GaAs HBT process.

Products are assembled in a leadless QFN package designed specifically to be footprint compatible with all standard ceramic and plastic micro-X packages. The QFN package is a 3 x 3mm low-cost package with an exposed pad for surface mount assembly. Production quantities of all five products are available now in tape and reel format at 2500 pc/reel. Samples and fully assembled evaluation boards are also available.

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