Removable Top Board-Level Shield: ReCovr Series

Source: Laird

Removable Top Board-Level Shield: ReCovr™ Series

Laird Technologies offers the patented ReCovr™ shield product line that incorporates the functionality of a two-piece shield without the need for a separate frame and cover. These single-piece shields feature a locking mechanism that allows for easy shield cover removal when accessing board-level components. These devices eliminate the need for replacement covers, and are excellent for re-work applications in a wide range of markets including automotive, computing, datacom, aerospace, medical, and industrial.

The locking mechanism on each ReCovr™ product eliminates the need for removing the entire shield, making component repair quick and easy, and reducing board re-work. The removable top shield also integrates Laird’s patented rigid corner board-level shield technology, which incorporates a new corner design that optimizes component rigidity for increased part and printed circuit board (PCB) firmness. SMT or through-hole pin configurations are available, as well as other characteristics typical to one-piece shields such as vent hole patterns, castellations, trace clearance notches, etc. These shields are offered as tape and reel, tray pack, or layer pack assembled products only.

For more features, benefits, and other specifications on Laird Technologies’ ReCovr™ product line, download the datasheet or visit the website.