News | May 23, 2023

Remcom's Activities At IMS 2023

Source: Remcom, Inc.
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IMS is the world’s largest gathering of RF and microwave professionals and the most important forum for the latest research advances and practices in the field.

In addition, the exhibition features 500+ exhibitors from around the world, the MicroApps Theater, Systems Pavilion, Systems Demo Zone, and networking and social events on the show floor.

Visit us at booth 1507!

Remcom will be demonstrating its EM simulation software suite for complete end-to-end design of complex devices and wireless communication systems.

Advanced Matching Network Analysis in XFdtd
XF offers unique capabilities to help engineers navigate antenna design challenges with speed and accuracy. Several new innovations simplify matching network design, including a schematic editor and the Circuit Element Optimizer. Visit our booth for a demonstration of these latest capabilities.

Engineered Electromagnetic Surfaces in Wireless InSite

Wireless InSite supports the simulation of RF interactions with engineered electromagnetic surfaces (EES). EES artificially enhance wireless coverage at microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies via printed conductive patterns on substrates such as plastic or glass. We’ll be demonstrating how Wireless InSite’s EES capability reveals improvements to coverage from static EES and metasurface-based RIS.

Superior Modeling of Real-world Environments Using WaveFarer

WaveFarer's diffuse scattering model reveals backscatter from road surfaces and vehicle interiors, elevating realism of simulations by providing a more accurate representation of conditions in the real world. Use transmission through materials to visualize scattering effects of waves passing through insulated walls, doors, furniture, and other obstructions. Our engineers can demonstrate these capabilities in our booth.

MicroApps Presentation: Matching Network Design in XFdtd

Don’t miss Remcom’s MicroApps presentation!
Tuesday, June 13
12:45 pm

XFdtd EM Simulation Software is a full-wave antenna design and analysis tool which Remcom is building upon to improve the user experience for matching network design. Remcom is developing XF to simplify the design workflow for engineers, reducing the requirement for multiple tools. In XF, matching networks and corporate feed networks can be laid out in a schematic editor and solved with a frequency-domain circuit solver. This capability is integrated with full-wave results so users can see the impact of a matching network on far zone, efficiency, and other results. Once the matching network is laid out on the PCB, parasitics are considered by circuit element optimization (CEO) as it determines the final component values.

Using a diplex matched antenna as an example, we will show how system and radiation efficiencies can be effortlessly computed from a single schematic for WiFi and GNSS operating modes. This presentation will cover these new capabilities and will demonstrate advantages of using XFdtd for complex antenna design.