News | June 4, 2015

Remcom Announces XFdtd Electrostatic Solver for Touchscreen Design is Now Available

Source: Remcom, Inc.
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State College, PA

Remcom announces a new electrostatic solver for XFdtd® Electromagnetic Simulation Software. The electrostatic solver enables the use of XFdtd’s Capacitance Matrix Simulation, a critical feature for designing electronics with Touchscreen Panel (TSP) technology.

The electrostatic solver is integrated with XFdtd’s User Interface and uses the program’s existing CAD import and geometry creation capabilities. To support touchscreen capacitance applications, the electrostatic solver detects dielectric materials in the static solution, allowing the software to analyze touchscreen electrodes that are fixed between multiple layers of plastics. The solver computes the self- and mutual-capacitance matrix between any number of conductors in a model. Other design requirements the solver supports include:

  • Extensive support for complex geometries allows for analysis within fully populated devices
  • 3D voltage and electric field distributions
  • Stylus analysis, including parametrization of position relative to nodes
  • Compatible with XFdtd’s Poseable Hands and third-party biological files
  • CAD import and geometry creation

Rodney Korte, product manager for XFdtd, said, “Simulation has become an essential element of touchscreen design as devices have grown more complex, and software must be able to support extremely large and complicated models. The new electrostatic solver capitalizes on XFdtd’s efficiencies to compute the capacitance matrix for any size problem, whether it’s a 3x3 electrode model or one at 16x32.”

The new electrostatic solver is available as an add-on module for XFdtd or may be purchased as a stand-alone product. Contact Remcom for pricing and additional specifications, or visit to learn more.