R&S BTC Broadcast Test Center

Reference Signal Generator: R&S® BTC

The R&S BTC broadcast test center from Rohde & Schwarz provides a complete testing environment for nearly all audio, video and multimedia applications – in a single device. The RF reference signal generator generates RF signals for all global TV and broadcasting standards and simulates transmissions. The generator can also internally analyze the audio/video functions of DUTs in realtime. The modular design provides a high degree of scalability, allowing the R&S BTC to be configured for any customer requirement.

This reference signal generator features a modular multistandard test platform, automated certification and logo tests, transmission channel simulation, and realtime video and audio stream generation. It gives its users the ability to complete end-to-end testing in realtime over all open systems interconnection levels, as well as integrate DUTs into the fully automated test sequences. When these two features are combined with the system’s ability to generate and play back video and audio streams, the result is a fast and reproducible objective picture quality assessment.

Up to eight arbitrary waveform generators per RF path are offered in addition to two independent realtime signal paths. These AWGs (waveform generators) are used to generate complex interference scenarios in order to simulate various noise sources, predistortion, filtering, MIMO, nonlinearities, and fading. This allows the BTC reference signal generator to test broadcasting equipment under realistic and complex interference conditions.

The R&S BTC high-end broadcast signal generator comes with a high resolution, 8.4-inch touchscreen display, and its graphical user interface with hierarchical function blocks allow users to quickly and easily operate the R&S BTC. The screen displays the signal generation, sequence control, analysis, and the DUT, offering a clear overview of the measurement being conducted.

For more information on the signal generator’s features and specifications, download the datasheet.

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