Datasheet | June 11, 2014

Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer/RF Recorder: BB60C Datasheet

Source: Signal Hound

Signal Hound’s latest innovation is the BB60C spectrum analyzer which is an enhanced version of its well-received predecessor, the BB60A. The Signal Hound BB60C has improved SFDR by typically 20 dB, flattened the noise floor by reducing frequency band transitions more than 8 dB, extended the operating temperature down to -40°C and up to +65°C, and expanded the streaming I/Q bandwidth to make it selectable from 250 kHz to 27 MHz. With a price point under $3K, the BB60C is a compelling choice for a broad range of applications.

The BB60C is a high speed spectrum analyzer and a real-time RF recorder. It tunes from 9kHz to 6GHz, collects 80MSamples/second, streams data to your computer via USB3.0 at 140 MB/sec., comes with a compiled API and an open source spectrum analyzer application, has selectable color persistence display mode, 2-D color waterfall, and color 3-D spectrogram views.