Real Time Spectrum Analyzer: Model RTSA7500

Source: Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation

Model RTSA7500

The high performance compact and powerful Model RTSA7500 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer is a full-featured spectrum analyzer designed to analyze signals in the lab, on the manufacturing floor or out in the field. 

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The Model RTSA7500 has all the standard features of a spectrum analyzer such as frequency controls, marker functions and multi-trace functionality. It also includes a real-time trigger mode for measuring complex data signals such as Wi-Fi and LTE along with markers for tracking specific frequencies. Real-time triggering is enabled by sophisticated FPGA-based digital signal processing within the RTSA7500 and enables the capture of elusive, time-varying signals across an instantaneous bandwidth of up to 100 MHz. The Model RTSA7500 is a powerful and cost-effective solution for your spectrum analyzer needs in the lab, on the manufacturing floor or out in the field.

Features / Applications

  • 10 MHz in/out for multi-channel synchronization
  • Multi-channel ADC sample synchronization option
  • Optional analog I,Q inputs for modulation and time-domain analysis
  • Analog I,Q outputs for higher sampling rate digitization
  • Time triggering, PPS and other GPIO access for external peripheral control
  • Gigabit Ethernet based control, data acquisition and streaming
  • Open source PyRF Python, MATLAB®, C and SCPI/VRT APIs

Available Model Options:

  • RTSA7500-8B - 100 kHz to 8 GHz with 10 MHz Instantaneous BW
  • RTSA7500-8 - 100 kHz to 8 GHz with 100 MHz Instantaneous BW
  • RTSA7500-18 - 100 kHz to 18 GHz with 100 MHz Instantaneous BW
  • RTSA7500-27 - 100 kHz to 27 GHz with 100 MHz Instantaneous BW

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