RADOX® Cable Technology


RADOX® Cable Technology

HUBER+SUHNER’s RADOX®, or “radiation X-linked” technology, describes the process of crosslinking thermoplastic polymers by means of electron beams. This technology is used to improve the thermal, mechanical, and chemical properties of cable insulation materials. RADOX® cables do not melt, possess better abrasion resistance and greater cut resistance than conventional cables and, even with thinner insulation, are much more resistant to various environmental factors.

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RADOX® cables offer an extended lifetime at lower temperatures, less shrinking on insulation material at higher temperatures, and better heat ageing performance. With thinner insulation, the RADOX® cables deliver improved abrasion resistance and cut through resistance. These cables are also better equipped to withstand harsh environments and different types of liquids and chemicals.

For additional information on RADOX® cable technologies, visit the HUBER+SUHNER web page, or download the RF Wires and Cables Brochure (page 26).

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