SignalHawk Rackmount, Spectrum Analyzer

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SignalHawk Rackmount, Spectrum Analyzer

Bird Technologies has expanded their SignalHawk Series of Spectrum Analyzers and Vector Network Analyzers to include a dedicated Rackmount version. Over an Ethernet network, you can remotely analyze the performance of your system and diagnose problems before you even leave your desk.

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The Bird SignalHawk Model SH-36S-RM is a world class full function spectrum analyzer designed to meet the needs of users who are responsible for maintaining remote installations. It occupies a minimum of space and offers a maximum of features: this product has all the sophisticated capability of a spectrum analyzer at a fraction of the price.

Key Features:

  • Frequency Range: 100kHz to 3.6 GHz
  • Sensitive: -135 dBm Noise Floor
  • Directivity: -42 dB
  • Graphical Trending Tool: Waterfall display
  • Intuitive Menu Interface with One Button Setup and Help

This space-saving, efficient design has been packaged to fit into a standard 1 Rack Unit slot. It is built using the same analysis engine as all the other SignalHawks but with no display or keypad. The SH-36S-RM includes Ethernet and USB connections for local or remote communication. The system also comes standard with a Windows application that replaces the entire graphical user interface that can be run from any computer on the network, whether in the same room or half way across the state.

From the comfort of your own office, you can:

  • Remotely analyze the radio frequency spectrum.
  • Measure intended and interfering signals.
  • Setup parameters such as frequency and amplitude markers.
  • Remotely display signal amplitude vs. frequency and save traces to your PC.
  • Eliminate trips to difficult remote locations.
  • Manage multiple sites from one centralized location.
  • Verify FCC compliance via built in emissions masks.

The Rackmount SignalHawk includes all the same spectrum analysis measurement capabilities as the rest of the product family and can do it remotely. The product is suited for application all over the world covering many markets, including the Cellular, Broadcast, Emergency, Military, Public Safety, Wireless and Telematics.


  • Spectrum Analysis
    • General Spectrum Analysis Mode
    • Test Transmitted or Received Signals
    • Test for Interfering Signals
    • Graph of Amplitude (e.g. Power in dBm) vs. frequency
  • Occupied Bandwidth
    • Find Specified Band Width or Channel with a Percentage Occupied with Power
  • Channel Power
    • Measure Total Power within Specified Channel or Band
  • Adjacent Channel Power Ratio
    • Test Power Ratio in Adjacent Channel
  • Field Strength
    • Test Field Strength of Received Signals
    • Optional Accessories: Field Strength Antennas per Frequency Range
    • Graph of Amplitude (e.g. Power in dBm) vs. Frequency
  • Zero Span
  • AM/FM Demodulation
  • Carrier to Interference Ratio
  • Frequency Counter
    • Displays Frequency with an Accuracy of /- 1 Hz


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