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05.10.22 -- Preview: NDIA SOFIC | 3 Things Learned From Jamming In Russia-Ukraine War

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SDRs For Identification And Direction Finding Of Enemy RF Emitters

Radio direction finding is a technology employed to locate a transmitter of interest. This technology is widely used to geolocate ships or aircraft, find illegal or interfering broadcasts, and detect enemy emitters. This article discusses how software-defined radios (SDRs) can be employed for spectrum monitoring, direction finding, and identification of signals of interest, often used in combination for EW operations.

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Must-See Products At NDIA SOFIC 2022
Man-Portable Tactical Radio Amplifiers: AR-20, AR-20KT, And AR-20KT-DUAL

Model AR-20 is a man-portable, lightweight, fully automatic band-switching RF booster amplifier for multi-band VHF/UHF tactical radio equipment. Covering the frequency range of 30-512 MHz, the AR-20 produces 20 watts from a 1 to 2 watts PEP radio input. Designed for use with networking formats like ANW2, WNW, and SRW, the amplifier is dual voltage/dual purpose capable. It has an input voltage range of 12-35V. The amplifier can run off of a single tactical man pack battery or it can be hard wired into a 12-V or 24-V vehicle. This allows the amp to be man packed or hardwired into a civilian vehicle or military vehicle without any additional DC-DC conversion.

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AR Modular RF
Booth #: 321
Surveillance/Jamming Antenna: SAS-326-10

The SAS-326-10 is a surveillance/jamming antenna designed to operate within the 30 MHz to 26 GHz frequency range, which allows for prosecution of a large portion of the RF spectrum. Constructed as a broadband dual band discone/bicone antenna, it is ideal for spectrum operations and spectrum management applications.

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Antenna Research Associates
Booth #: 1143
4 – 18 GHz Ultra-Wideband High-Power Solid-State GaN RF Amplifier Module: Model BME49189-50

Comtech’s latest development continues to expand on its innovative integrated RF GaN power amplifier designs by further increasing the bandwidth and power density. Comtech proudly introduces the Model BME49189-50, the latest in GaN-based 4 – 18 GHz RF amplifiers.

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Comtech Pst Corporation
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Fischer Connectors Defense And Security Solutions

In order to build rugged, small size, lightweight devices, Fischer Connectors offers long-lasting, easy-to-clean connectors and cable assembly solutions that are extremely resistant to all harsh environments. 

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Fischer Connectors
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Fiber Optic GPS Antenna Link

This is a complete system that allows us to convert the GPS carrier from RF to light, transmit it up to 10 kilometers if need be, then reconvert it to RF to be received by the GPS receiver.

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GPS Networking
Booth #: 754
ODU Advanced Connector Solutions For Military Applications Brochure

The ODU Series of connector solutions is purposed for rugged military applications. These connectors are ideally suited for soldier communication systems, unmanned systems (UAV/UVG/UAS), and other military vehicles.

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Booth #: 416
Raptor Surveillance

Raptor's camera platforms provide customers with flexible/modular solutions that meet their exact requirements. Offering high quality, reliability, competitive price performance metric, and fast delivery, Raptor makes for a very attractive solution for OEMs.

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Raptor Photonics Limited
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Bulletin Board
NIGHTHAWK And RAVEN Tactical Booster Amplifiers

Expanding the range and delivering reliable communications with the latest tactical radio systems are now easier than ever with AR Modular RF's line of fast switching amplifiers. The NIGHTHAWK and RAVEN tactical booster amplifiers use AR Modular RF's fast switching technology, targeted to support modern waveforms and offering 20 watts of output power.

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Featured Products And Services
Transceiver Test Systems

The transceiver test system is the latest addition to JFW Industries' line of RF test systems. Its unique omnidirectional design allows for complete interconnectivity and amplitude control, making it an ideal solution for transceiver testing.

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JFW Industries, Inc.