Datasheet | July 30, 2009

Product Overview: Precision Coaxial Terminations: DC To 50 GHz

Source: Krytar

Krytar has designed an extremely rugged mechanical line of precision 50 Ohm Coaxial Terminations that operate from DC to 50 GHz. The design offers reliable, long wear and excellent repeatability. Some of these terminations have been in use at Krytar since 1988. Many have been used to make thousands of measurements and are still within their specifications. See figure 1 for a listing of specifications for each of the models currently offered. In addition to being extremely rugged, VSWR for these terminations is very low at the operating frequency band of each of the models listed. See Figure 2 for plot of VSWR vs Frequency for Krytar Model T4M which performs over the DC to 50 GHz frequency range. VSWR measurements are made with the Agilent 8510 network analyzer.