Newsletter | September 10, 2020

09.10.20 -- Power Tool Design 101 | Intro To Direction-Finding Methodologies

Power Tool Design 101: Rev Up Your Knowledge Of Brushless DC Motor Functionality

What’s fueling the evolution of power tools? Besides power tool enthusiasts, much can be attributed to the many advancements in semiconductor technology — most specifically with cordless power tools.

Understanding Power Divider/Combiner Types And Functionality

Both resistive type and reactive type power divider/combiners can be used to fan-in or fan-out RF signals. However, both types distribute RF signals in a different fashion. This white paper offers guidelines and considerations for determining a divider/combiner for each application.

An Introduction To Direction-Finding Methodologies

The choice of an appropriate direction-finding methodology to use for a given application is largely a function of the target signal's characteristics, such as frequency and modulation, but is also influenced by the propagation environment as well as cost and complexity. 

Expand Your Spectrum Monitoring Capability With Affordable Performance

This paper provides an overview of the most common spectrum monitoring applications, and a review of the key requirements used to determine which spectrum analyzer meets their objectives. 

Introduction To RNVNA, A Multiport Network Analysis Solution

The RNVNA, a multiport network analysis solution, links up to 16 1-Port analyzers together into a multiport network analysis system. Each of the 16 analyzers will make individual vector reflection measurements and scalar transmission measurements from port to port.

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LTE And 5G NR Propagation In A Suburban Environment Using Wireless InSite 3D Ray Tracing

Penn State University is located in State College, Pennsylvania, a suburban city that contains several LTE sites. This simulation shows the coverage prediction from its existing LTE sites in the downtown area.

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Webinar: New Advancements For Millimeter-Wave Antenna Design In XFdtd

XFdtd 7.9.1 introduces a range of new features to assist engineers in designing antennas for millimeter-wave applications. This webinar demonstrates XF’s singularity correction, which accurately captures highly varying fields at the edges of good conductors, and the process for importing components and document layers of a PCB. We also demonstrate XF’s multi-port feature for representing RF tuners and switches in the Circuit Element Optimizer (CEO) along with other minor updates.

Featured Products And Services
Dual-Isolated Thin Film Networks — MSIR3 Series

The MSIR series dual-isolated chip resistor offers greater flexibility for the hybrid designer seeking resistor pairs with excellent T.C.R./T.C. tracking between resistors.

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Mini-Systems, Inc.
80-Watts CW/PEP 700 To 960 MHz Amplifier Platform: AR-5000 Series

AR Modular RF has designed a series of wideband, class A/AB linear amplifier platforms for use with modern digital modulations. This AR-5000 amplifier has a flexible system architecture that allows for rapid prototyping and quick-turn modifications as customer needs arise.

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AR Modular RF
DC To 4GHz, 50-Ohm Benchtop Attenuator
JFW’s 50BR-160 is a 50-Ohm benchtop attenuator designed to operate in applications operating from DC to 4000 MHz. It has attenuation range 0 to 121 dB by 1 dB steps and is rated for 1-Watt average RF power.
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JFW Industries, Inc.
2.0 To 40.0 GHz Helix Traveling Wave Tubes

Communications & Power Industries (CPI) offers a variety of CW and pulsed helix traveling wave tubes (TWTs) for EW, instrumentation, and communication protocols, operating within the 2.0 to 40.0 GHz range. Custom configurations are available, with variations in performance; these include several mechanical, electrical, and multiple depressed collector configurations.

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Communications & Power Industries, Beverly Microwave Division
Advanced LCP Substrates For HF And Microwave Applications

Micro Systems Technologies (MST) offers liquid crystal polymer (LCP), a superior organic multilayer material, for substrates in RF applications with stable electrical and mechanical characteristics across a range of frequencies up to 100 GHz. Due to its very low water absorption, LCP properties remain nearly constant regardless of the presence of moisture, allowing its use for near-hermetic packages.

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Micro Systems Technologies
35 W, 2.0 To 6.0 GHz GaN MMIC Power Amplifier

The CMPA2060035F is a gallium nitride (GaN) high electron mobility transistor (HEMT)-based monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) suited for ultra-broadband amplifiers, fiber drivers, EMC amplifier drivers, and test instrument applications. GaN has superior properties compared to silicon or gallium arsenide, including higher breakdown voltage, higher saturated electron drift velocity, and higher thermal conductivity.

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Wolfspeed, A Cree Company
1000 Watts CW, 10 kHz To 400 MHz Solid State Amplifier

AR’s 1000A400 is a solid state amplifier covering the 10 kHz to 400 MHz frequency range. When used with a sweep generator, it provides a minimum of 1000 watts of RF power. Like most of AR’s amplifiers, this model is ideal for applications that call for instantaneous bandwidth and high gain.

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FlightHawk Aviation RF Cable And Antenna Analyzer Kit: FH-AV-KIT

Bird offers the FH-AV-KIT, a FlightHawk™ RF Aviation Test Kit designed for avionics testing and measurement applications. This kit includes a proven antenna and cable testing functionality of the FlightHawk handheld analyzer, all necessary adapters and cabling, and Bird’s aviation testing software that allows anyone on the maintenance team to test and verify all antenna systems in a fleet.

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