Power And Driver Amplifiers: Series AMP

Source: Millitech

Power And Driver Amplifiers: Series AMP

Millitech’s series AMP power amplifiers are designed to obtain high output power in the 18-110 GHz frequency range through the use of advanced PHEMT MMICs and transistors. These multiple MMIC amplifier chips can be combined or cascaded for applications requiring higher gain or greater output power than standard products.

Each series AMP amplifier has internal bias circuitry able to generate gate control voltages, provide correct voltage sequencing, and incorporate reverse voltage protection from a single positive external bias. The broad bandwidths and high power levels makes these power amplifiers ideal for a wide range of applications including transmitters, transceivers, upconverters, EW systems, instrumentation, and radar systems.

For more features, specifications, and block diagrams on the series AMP amplifiers, download the datasheet.