PLASTIc Sensors And The IA-3 Colibrì UAS

Source: IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p.A.
PLASTIc Sensors And The IA-3 Colibrì UAS

Within the “PLASTIc” (PLatform Agnostic Sensors for opTImised design of midlife ship refitting) industrial research project, IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi, Skytech, and the University of Genoa spin-off GTER have developed a prototype platform that uses a mini electric propulsion UAS, the IDS IA-3 Colibrì. 

In the coming years a decrease in the construction of new naval vessels is expected in Italy and in other countries. Therefore, midlife ship refitting activities, in other words the modification of the existing naval vessels, will gain increasing importance. One of the most demanding aspects is related to the electromagnetic emissions on board naval vessels. On one side we have the evolution of the regulations on personnel and equipment exposure to electromagnetic fields, on the other side there is the need to reduce unwanted emissions that can cause radio communications to be intercepted. These two elements create the need to measure the electromagnetic field levels on board ship, often in places which are difficult to reach when using traditional tools. This problem also leads to complex and rather expensive activities.

IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi, a point of reference for the electromagnetic design of naval vessels for more than thirty years, has taken on this need. Today, when using conventional instrumentation, field measurement campaigns and CAD model reconstruction in the naval sector entail costly operational and economic burdens. The benefit of having a system such as the one proposed by IDS is a reduction of those burdens.

The “PLASTIc” industrial research project has been co-funded by the Liguria Region. Download the available paper and brochure to learn more about the project and for much more about the capabilities and features of the IA-3 Colibrì.