Phase Noise Analyzer: HA7062A

Source: Holzworth Instrumentation

Phase Noise Analyzer: HA7062A

This tunable phase noise analyzer is a highly reliable phase noise measurement system that features unparalleled stability. It has a DUT tuning range of 5 MHz to 6.7 GHz, a ~100ms signal acquisition time, measurement speeds of 1.4s (1kHz-1MHz), 18s (1Hz-1MHz), and much more.

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The unparalleled stability of the HA7062A Phase Noise Analyzer is a result of a pair of Holzworth HSM6001A RF synthesizer modules. They complement the core engine to provide the most phase analyzer available. This reliable and intuitive system provides phase noise measurement speeds that eliminate bottlenecks on manufacturing test lines, and is an incredibly cost-effective solution for R&D applications.