News | May 14, 2014

Pharad Introduces Smaller Wearable VHF Antenna For Assault Vests

Jumpable Wearable Antenna

Pharad introduced recently its smallest full band VHF wearable antenna for tactical assault vests. The new wearable antenna has been optimized for the small form-factor, lightweight vests that are increasingly being favored within the special operations and first responder communities and is intended to be paired with a VHF Tactical Radio. These compact footprint antennas are also suitable for low visibility and concealable carriers used in undercover and civilian operations.

“A customer approached us to create a smaller version of our VHF wearable antenna. Even though our existing BW-30-512 model met their electromagnetic performance requirements, they needed something to fit into the new small form-factor, lightweight vests,” said Pharad President Austin Farnham. “We subsequently set about creating a new version of the VHF wearable antenna which is size compatible with these vests. Naturally, the challenge was to minimize the impact of the smaller volume on the performance of the antenna, and we believe we were successful in achieving this goal.”

Pharad's newest wearable VHF antenna is being sold as Model number BW-30-512-J. For more information, visit: Pharad is the leading supplier and manufacturer of wearable antennas in the world. Pharad currently offers more than 25 models of wearable antennas for applications in frequency bands ranging from HF through X-band. All Pharad products are manufactured in the USA at their Hanover, Maryland facility.

About Pharad, LLC
Located in Hanover, Maryland, Pharad, LLC is a customer focused company and technology leader in the development and manufacture of highly efficient, electrically small antennas and RF over fiber systems for communications and defense applications. Pharad creates innovative solutions for realizing difficult-to-engineer antennas for confined operational environments and very broadband applications. Pharad also manufactures a range of RF over fiber products that can support the high performance fiber optic remoting and switching of RF signals. For more information, visit