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06.16.22 -- Paving The Way For 6G Commercialization

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Spotlight On 5G/6G/Wi-Fi & IoT
5G Evolution – On The Path To 6G

The fifth generation (5G) of cellular technology started its growth in 2018 with Release 15, and its final phase of completion happened in Release 17 in December of 2021. While Release 15 provides a solid framework for enhanced network performance and mass offering of amazing services, 3GPP is actively working on further enhancing the framework to build up to 6G networks around 2030.

Wi-Fi 6 Certified Products For Ultra-Fast, Reliable Connectivity Solutions

An understanding of Wi-Fi 6 certification, as well as regulation of the 6 GHz band, is critical for companies seeking to capitalize on next-gen Wi-Fi.

COTS Software-Defined Radio For 5G Development

The latest SDR products offer SoC solutions with integrated I/O, ARM processors, and large FPGAs that include intellectual property (IP) for accessing, routing, and processing digital data. 

Paving The Way For 6G Commercialization

Bringing the first phases of 6G technologies to market by 2030 starts with ensuring that early research doesn’t become fragmented. The entire 6G ecosystem must work together, as 5G has done, starting now, to avoid the obstacles experienced with previous generations and pave a clear path to commercialization.

Wi-Fi 6E Passive Components And RF Test Systems

In anticipation of the development of Wi-Fi 6E, JFW has introduced numerous new products to support testing the full range of frequencies allotted by Wi-Fi 6E.

How Multi-Standard IoT Communications Are Enabled By ConcurrentConnect Technology

The proliferation of IoT devices and communication protocols in a smart home network has created a difficult challenge for engineers and network architects. Here are excerpts from our video demonstrating Qorvo's ConcurrentConnect™ technology work on the QPG6100 – a smart home communications controller that improves connection speed among wireless devices in the home environment.

How Will 5G Development Impact EMC Susceptibility Testing?

Although 5G is here, cellular technology evolution will continue to progress, and the standards of testing these new evolutions will inevitably lag the technology development.

CommAgility 5G Capabilities Guide

CommAgility is a developer of embedded signal processing and RF modules, and PHY/stack software, for 4G and 5G mobile network and related applications. Combining the latest DSP, FPGA, and RF technologies with advanced, industry-leading software, CommAgility provides compact, powerful, and reliable products for integration into high-performance test equipment, specialized radio and intelligence systems, and R&D demonstrators.

Industry Insights
A Primer On Antenna Near-Field And Far-Field For The Practical Engineer

There are four common methods of determining definitions for the near-field and far-field regions of an antenna and their boundaries. The definitions generally depend on use cases and the acceptable amount of error in calculating this definition and any conversions that may need to be performed.

AR Modular: Who Are We?

AR Modular RF, headquartered outside of Seattle, WA, is a technology leader in the design and manufacture of RF booster amplifiers for use with military tactical radios. AR Modular RF’s booster amplifiers enhance military tactical radio performance by providing more power.

Conextivity Technology Group Extends Expertise Across Connectivity Value Chain

The Fischer family founded Conextivity® Group to meet the connectivity challenge posed by the emergence of new cross-functional and scalable ecosystems, from locally interconnected devices and sensors to cloud-managed IoT platforms. The group's R&D department, which has doubled in size over the last five years, is strengthening its teams with new expertise, especially in signal integrity engineering, embedded electronics, the cloud, and the IoT.

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Webinar: Smart Home Device Design And Wi-Fi Connectivity Using EM Simulation

Recent advances in smart devices and communication technologies offer a variety of innovative smart home solutions. The smart home concept includes establishing reliable links between various devices, including speakers, thermostats, doorbells, and cameras.

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Solutions For 5G And mmWave Applications

KRYTAR offers a range of products covering DC to 67.0 GHz frequencies. KRYTAR's broadband design expertise delivers unique new designs to consistently introduce technologically advanced products with superior electrical performance and ruggedness. 

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5G Microwave Upconverter/Downconverter (24 GHz to 29.5 GHz): ADMV1128

The ADMV1128 is a silicon on isolator (SOI), microwave upconverter and downconverter optimized for 5G radio designs operating in the 24 GHz to 29.5 GHz frequency range.

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Analog Devices
Ultra-Broadband Gain Block: GRF3016

The GRF3016 is a broadband gain block designed to provide flat gain over an exceptionally wide band of near DC to 10 GHz. The device can be operated down to low frequency via the selection of suitably large input/output caps and bias inductor.

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Guerrilla RF
Pulse Solid State Amplifier: Exodus AMP2083P-2KW
The Exodus AMP2083P-2KW is a robust 4.0-8.0 GHz, 2 KW pulse amplifier for Pulse/HIRF, EMC/EMI Mil-Std 461/464 and radar applications. It has up to 100 usec pulse widths and up to 6% duty cycles with a minimum of 63 dB gain.
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Exodus Advanced Communications