Optenni Lab – Matching Circuit Optimization & Antenna Analysis

Source: CST of America, Inc.

Optenni Lab

Optenni Lab speeds up the antenna design process, increasing the productivity of antenna designers. The software has tools for fully automatic matching circuit optimization, estimation of the obtainable bandwidth of the antennas and calculation of the worst-case isolation in multi-antenna systems. These innovative analysis features, along with an intuitive graphical interface, allow the quick evaluation of optimal total performance for antenna designs and concepts. Optenni Lab and CST STUDIO SUITE® are tightly integrated, making the complete antenna design workflow more efficient.

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With as few inputs as the frequency range, the number of components and the impedance file, Optenni Lab creates, optimizes and ranks applicable matching circuit topologies, without the need for specialized knowledge of impedance matching or circuit simulation on the user’s part. Optenni Lab can also estimate the maximum obtainable bandwidth from antenna impedance curves, using both the Q-value and the bandwidth potential approaches.

Optenni Lab is a product of Optenni Ltd. It can be purchased through CST distribution channels.