News | September 19, 2019

NuWaves Wins SBIR Phase I Award For The Rapid Automated Analysis System For Electromagnetic Measurements (RAASEM)

NuWaves has been awarded the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase I contract for Non-Invasive Radio Frequency (RF) System Characterization for U.S. Navy Airborne Tactical Data Systems.  Critical to national defense and the safety of the warfighter, the RAASEM will automate the process of characterizing the performance and potential vulnerabilities of military RF systems.  The results from the RAASEM analysis is an enabler further strengthen our military’s RF communications and electronic attack systems and remain in control of the electromagnetic battle space.

Valuing our Employees by Investing in Them

We value our culture where we treat our employees with respect, recognize excellence, and challenge each individual to grow personally and professionally.  This is one of our Core Values that we live with daily intent.  We invest in our employees by providing them opportunities to challenge themselves daily.  We expect them to push themselves to achieve more than they have done previously.  

Protecting their financial future should be no different.  You see, when you join our team, you will come to understand that we don’t speak about a work-life balance.  That statement suggests a separation by the very nature of the phrase.  Our Leadership Team describes it as a Work-Life Integration.  If you are living a happy, healthy life at home, you will be more productive at work.  If your work life is a place where you are challenged and enjoy being, then your home life will reap the rewards.  They should not be separated, but integrated seamlessly.  NuWaves is a family-friendly environment that wants to support the entire you, not just the “work” you!

This is why the Leadership Team has made the decision to offer a 12% match for the 401k starting January 2020.  We currently offer a 5% match with our plan, which is good for this market, but we wanted to do more for our NuWaves family!  We have already seen a jump in participation since the announcement.  We are excited to be able to offer this to our valued employees, and we will continue to strive to invest in them.  They deserve it!  Keep up the great work Team NuWaves!

Career Opportunities

NuWaves is growing, come join our team!
We are currently hiring for the following positions:

  • RF Design Engineer
  • RF Filter Design Engineer
  • RF Engineering Technician
  • Quality Inspector
  • Technical Project Manager
  • Information System Support Specialist

In addition to competitive pay and benefits, we offer a small business environment where we challenge each other to achieve excellence. Interested in applying? Head to our careers site or send your resume to!

NuWaves Engineering is a veteran-owned, premier supplier of RF and Microwave solutions for Department of Defense (DoD), government and industrial customers. An RF engineering powerhouse, NuWaves offers a broad range of design and engineering services related to the development and sustainment of key communications, telemetry and electronic warfare systems, as well as a complete line of commercially available RF products. NuWaves’ products include wideband frequency converters, high-efficiency and miniature solid-state power amplifiers and bidirectional amplifiers, high intercept low noise amplifiers and miniature RF filters.

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