Datasheet | November 10, 2017

NuPower Xtender™ C-Band Bidirectional Amplifier: NW-BA-C-10-RX03 Datasheet

Source: NuWaves Engineering
NuPower Xtenderâ„¢ C-Band Bidirectional Amplifier: NW-BA-C-10-RX03

The NW-BA-C-10-RX03 NuPower Xtender power amplifier has been designed to improve the range and link robustness of communications systems operating in the C- bands. It covers the 4.4-4.9 GHz frequency range, offers 20 W CW power, and features bidirectional operation, 43 dB transmit gain, 10 dB of receive gain, a compact size, high efficiency GaN technology, and more. This power amplifier is ideal for applications involving unmanned aircraft systems, unmanned ground vehicles, RF communication systems, and software defined radios. For a detailed description, features, specifications, a mechanical outline and more, download the datasheet.