Newsletter | November 30, 2018

11.30.18 -- November's Most Popular Articles & News

Featured Editorial
Integration Considerations: Software-Defined Antenna Technology
By Jeff Shamblin, Taoglas

Proper integration of a software-defined antenna is key to obtaining maximum benefit for both 4G and 5G communication systems where MIMO antenna systems are required.

Most Popular Articles
RF Filtering For 5G Millimeter-Wave Applications
By Dielectric Laboratories (DLI)

This paper discusses some areas of 5G communications to be implemented in the millimeter-wave spectrum. It also offers a guide for available RF filtering options at these frequencies, reviews millimeter-wave frequencies and their applications, and covers filtering technologies.

5G Extreme Requirements: End-To-End Considerations

Compiled by a team that included contributors such as Jaya Rao, Huawei; Joachim Sachs, Ericsson; Alan Stidwell, David Lister, Vodafone; and Javan Erfanian, Bell Canada — this paper discusses implications and trade-offs related to the delivery of new 5G services.

Implications Of Using kW-Level GaN Transistors In Radar And Avionic Systems
By Daniel Koyama, Apet Barsegyan, and John Walker, Integra Technologies, Inc.

This white paper examines the effect of using normal Class A/B bias for kW-level GaN and LDMOS transistors used in radar and avionic systems.

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