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How To Keep Noise Out Of RF Circuit Power Supplies
By Mike Trimble, NuWaves

RF circuits generating radio frequency signals are very sensitive to power supply noise, which can significantly degrade the performance of a system if not controlled. This article describes potential sources of noise and addresses different techniques for handling them.

802.11ad Testing With The Spectrum Master MS2760A Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer

802.11ad is a newer WLAN standard that offers throughput rates up to 7 Gbps. To achieve these speeds, the technology uses newly allocated mmWave ISM bands, specifically 57 to 71 GHz. 

Rotman Lens Designer Software From Remcom

Remcom's Rotman Lens Designer is a tool for the design, synthesis, and analysis of Rotman lenses and their variants. It is based on geometrical optics combined with the classical Rotman lens design equations.

IBC/DAS/Small Cells RF Product Catalog

HUBER+SUHNER offers a wide range of antenna and connector solutions for IBC/DAS/small cell applications. Available antenna and connector products include SENCITY antennas, SUCOFEED corrugated cables, QUICK-FIT connectors, LISCA jumper cables, grounding kits, and RF components.

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Which Programmable Attenuator System Is Right For My Lab?

Bryan Walker with JFW discusses what to consider in order to make the best possible choice when selecting which programmable attenuator is right for your lab.

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Challenges In Transitioning Military Tech To The Commercial Sector
Chris Brown with Northrop Grumman Microelectronics discusses some of the challenges in leveraging their expertise in military technology to products for the commercial sector, as well as some of the trends he’s observed at IMS 2017.
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Millimeter-Wave Automated Accelerated Reliability Test Systems (AARTS)
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Accel-RF Corporation
Base Transceiver Station (BTS)
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Corry Micronics, Inc.
20 To 1000 MHz, 250 W CW Dual-Directional Coupler
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Werlatone, Inc.

Thermal-Vacuum Test Cable: Altitude Test TV Series
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MegaPhase LLC
Measurement Laboratory: State-Of-The-Art Measurement Systems And Capabilities
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IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p.A.
1 To 40 GHz Directional Coupler For Space Applications
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Shielded Surface-Mount Inductors For Military RF Applications
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Gowanda Electronics & TTE Filters
Coaxial Cable Assemblies With Connector Variants
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Broadband Surface-Mount (SMT) 8-Way RF Splitter/Combiner
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BroadBand Transmission Line (BBTLine), LLC
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