Volume 11, Issue 12
December 2017

An overview of noteworthy
new products from RF Globalnet

Featured Products And Services
100 MHz To 18 GHz, Mini Benchtop Programmable Attenuator Assembly
JFW Industries, Inc.
SiteHawk Test Kits
Solid State Single Band 0.7 To 6 GHz Amplifiers
NuPower Xtender Bidirectional RF Amplifiers
NuWaves Engineering
Spectrum Master Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer
Anritsu Company
High-Power Switch LNA Module
Grab-And-Go EMC Testing Portable Antenna Kits
A. H. Systems
High-Efficiency, 4W Power Amplifiers For Small Cell Applications
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
Electromagnetic Design And Management
IDS Corporation
6 To 18 GHz, 200 W TWT Amplifier: dB-4163
dB Control
C-Band, GaN, 4.2 kW Pulsed Solid State Power Amplifier Module: VSC3645
Communications & Power Industries, Beverly Microwave Division
3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software
Remcom, Inc.