5G In Perspective: A Pragmatic Guide To What’s Next

Projections suggest 5G data rates will approach 10x the fastest 4G speeds of today. Skyworks’ new white paper, "5G in Perspective - A Pragmatic Guide to What's Next," provides insights into the quickly evolving 5G standard. Leveraging its technology leadership, Skyworks is playing a critical role in defining solutions to meet new requirements. Download white paper.

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Growth Of The Connected Home: The Home Platform Perspective
By Nick Langston, TE Connectivity

The connected home, smart home, or home automation market is poised for substantial growth, even though mainstream adoption may be years away. It is also an important opportunity for consumer product manufacturers to learn how to deliver products that are differentiated with new functionality and connectivity, built on a business model and industry approach that have strong relationships, are adaptable, and will not confuse customers.

Spotlight On Wireless Technology/5G
Gallium Nitride — A Critical Technology For 5G

In addition to being “greener," 5G has goals of 1 ms latency, 100x network energy efficiency, 20 Gbps peak data rates, and 10 Mps/m2 area traffic capabilities. This article discusses how RF gallium nitride (GaN) technology can be used for emerging 5G technologies.

High-Efficiency 4W Power Amplifiers For Small-Cell Applications

The SKY66293-11 is a high-efficiency 4W power amplifier (PA) designed for FDD and TDD 2G/3G/4G LTE small cell base station applications. These fully input/output matched power amplifiers feature high gain of 35 dB, high linearity of 28 dBm, and an operating frequency range from 3400 MHz to 3800 MHz.

MACOM Accelerating The Evolution To 5G

MACOM’s product portfolio supports both sub-6 GHz wireless infrastructures utilizing massive MIMO architectures, and high frequency millimeter-wave technologies supporting a variety of power and integration requirements.

Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

The high-performance compact and powerful Model RTSA7500 real-time spectrum analyzer is a full-featured spectrum analyzer designed to analyze signals in the lab, on the manufacturing floor, or out in the field.

Overcoming Challenges In 5G Antenna Design, Radio Coverage, And Channel Analysis With FEKO And WinProp

Growth of mobile and wireless communications has increased the need for propagation modelling and network planning simulation.  This webinar will show how FEKO and WinProp can be used for the 5G antenna design, analysis of radio coverage, and channel statistics.

Analog Advancements Make Waves In 5G Wireless Communications

5G wireless communication promises faster speeds, minimal latency, more connections, and lower power within the next few decades. However, many companies are still blazing trails on the technological path leading to these benefits. 

Scaling The Test Equipment Size To Match Millimeter-Wave Test Needs

This paper discusses issues of transferring millimeter-wave signals through coax cable within a test system and the benefits of improved measurement accuracy by reducing the size of the test equipment and using fewer interconnections.

Ultra-Low-Power MCU With 802.15.4 Radio For Wirelessly Connected Designs: SAM R30

The SAM R30 from Microchip is an ultra-low-power microcontroller (MCU) System in Package (SiP) with an included IEEE 802.15.4 compliant radio to be used for the 780 MHz (China), 868 MHz (Europe), and 915 MHz (North America) sub-GHz frequency bands.

Broadcast Satellite Modulator

The Vyper 3000 is a state-of-the-art satellite modulator designed to operate within the full L-band range (950 to 2150 MHz) and the IF band range (50 to 180 MHz) for satellite, DSNG, and Direct To Home (DTH) applications.

Featured Multimedia
Detailed Indoor Channel Modeling With Diffuse Scattering For 5G Millimeter-Wave Wireless Networks

This webinar demonstrates Wireless InSite’s diffuse scattering capability. An indoor office environment is used to show specific key effects of diffuse scattering, including its impact on complex impulse response and increased cross-polarization of received signals.

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Handover Test Systems

50PA-365 SMA is a new 2 x 4 Handover Test System from JFW. This test system has 96 possible RF paths and has a programmable attenuator (0 to 127dB x 1dB) on each path. This allows the user to fade signal paths and simulate handover testing. The unit covers the frequency band 800 to 3000 MHz. It can be manually controlled (keypad and LCD) or remotely controlled (Ethernet or RS-232)

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Double-Ridge Guide Horn Antenna
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A.H. Systems
Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
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Low-Phase-Noise VCXO
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DLI’s Evolution To 5G Passive RF Components
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Dielectric Laboratories (DLI)
10 To 50 MHz, Dual-Compensated TCXO
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Greenray Industries, Inc.
500 To 6,000 MHz, Connectorized Solid State Absorptive RF SPDT Switch
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UltraCMOS Monolithic Phase And Amplitude Controller
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Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation
90 Degree Hybrid Coupler
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Microwave Communications Laboratories, Inc. (MCLI)
Wideband Power Amplifiers
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