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5 Common Causes Of Frequency Drift In Crystal Oscillators And Their Solution
By Bliley Technologies

Setting the initial frequency of an oscillator to the most precise values can be frustrating when you realize that the oscillator will not be able to maintain that frequency. This article covers multiple sources of frequency instability.

Spotlight On Oscillators
Quartz Crystal Based Oscillators: Low Phase Noise Characteristics
By Steve Fry, Greenray Industries, Inc.

This white paper discusses measuring techniques for expressing oscillator phase noise, the benefits of using crystal oscillators for clean signals, and how to use crystal oscillators to improve sensitivity in measurement systems.

Oscillator Jitter Basics
By MtronPTI

Noise elements that cause clock signal periods to vary are known as jitter. This white paper from MtronPTI presents in-depth information on the definition of jitter, different types of jitter sources, how to measure jitter, and how to correlate jitter from supplier to customer.

Application And Measurement Of Ultra-Low-Noise Oscillators
By Garry Thorp, RF engineer, Pascall Electronics Ltd

Low phase noise signal sources are an essential component of many high-performance electronic systems, and in almost all of these, the output frequencies are derived from one or more crystal oscillators, by means including frequency multiplication and division, phase-locked loop (PLL), direct digital synthesis (DDS) etc.

Understanding Abracon Quartz Crystal Oscillators

Abracon delivers quick-turn, programmable, quartz crystal oscillators featuring single PLL architecture with EPROM, wide frequency ranges from 1 MHz to 133 MHz, and four different package styles. 

Digitally Tuned Oscillators (DTOs) Brochure

Planar Monolithics Industries (PMI) offers a full line of Digitally Tuned Oscillators (DTOs) including Dielectric Resonator Oscillators (DROs), Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCOs), and Frequency Synthesizers covering various frequencies in the 50 MHz to 40 GHz range. 

Leading The Way In The Broadband Component And Testing Industry

Krytar’s product line meets the needs of a diverse, growing customer base and relies on partners who share a commitment to service. This case study discusses Krytar’s partner, Sunstone, and the advantages of working with them to deliver the highest quality customized products every time.

5 Steps To Selecting The Right RF Power Amplifier
By Jason Kovatch, AR Modular RF

You need an RF power amplifier. You may even have decided on a power level that you think will meet your needs. With so many variations in price, size, and efficiency for amplifiers that are all rated at the same number of Watts, many RF amplifier purchasers are unhappy with their selection.

YIG Filters And Oscillators Brochure

Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) delivers high quality YIG products including closed and open loop YIG filters, YIG oscillators, YIG-tuned harmonic generators, and YIG-based integrated receiver front-ends/tuners.

How To Quickly Evaluate High-Performance Oscillators Using Holzworth HA7402A Phase Noise Analyzer

The process of evaluating the performance of ultra-low-phase noise oscillators requires phase noise test systems with lower measurement times, lower noise floor capabilities, and high reliability and repeatability of test data.

RF And Microwave Products Brochure

MegaPhase offers a range of microwave test and measurement cables, adaptors, and components operating from the DC to 110 GHz frequency range. GrooveTube technology is the baseline for many of these cable products, differentiated by its flexible, pure copper outer conductor. 

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IDS Naval Division

The IDS Naval Division is capable of optimizing the electromagnetic onboard environment and signature features of a ship’s design and lifetime performance. 

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Reintroduction To Gunn Oscillators

Despite being an older technology, Gunn oscillators have been playing a unique role in replacing the tube to generate low to medium level microwave power within the 2 to 140 GHz frequency range. New engineers may have some opportunities to use this technology due to the birth of three terminal-based devices such as HBT, MOSFET, and pHEMT. 

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Communications & Power Industries, Beverly Microwave Division
26.5 – 40.0 GHz, 125 Watt Microwave Power Module (MPM): dB-3201
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dB Control
Single Layer Capacitors For DC Blocking Or RF Bypass Applications
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Dielectric Laboratories (DLI)

Phased Locked Oscillators With Output Frequencies Between 50 MHz – 6000 MHz
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Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.
100 MHz Low Phase Noise VCXO: VCXO-V7XXX-LF
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KVG Quartz Crystal Technology GmbH
Crystal Oscillators: ONYX Series
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Wenzel Associates, Inc.

7 – 14 GHz Broadband Voltage Controlled Oscillator: MAOC-410100
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Gunn Oscillators And VCOs
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Voltage Controlled Oscillator: POS-150+
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