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Utilizing Performance Optimized Quartz Crystals For IoT, Wearable, And Low Power Applications
By Syed S. Raza, Abracon Corp.

A driving force in IoT industry growth is related to the reduction in total consumed power, while improving overall performance. This article explains how performance-optimized quartz crystals enable the use of Pierce oscillators with lower transconductance of the amplifier block.

Spotlight On Component Materials
Plastic Materials For Defense Applications

This application note outlines the advantages of plastic parts over metal parts in defense and aerospace applications.

How Connectors Perform In Harsh Corrosive Environments

It is important to understand the main factors driving corrosion, and how to make the best interconnection choices for a long-lasting and reliable solution. This white paper discusses the key factors in selecting the best connectivity options for even the most robust and corrosive application environments.

Electromagnetic Environmental Effects On Aircraft With Composite Materials

Carbon fiber reinforced composite (CFRD) materials are able to conduct electricity, but provide less shielding than metal and raise concerns in electromagnetic environmental effects. This application note measures the effects of these materials in some practical examples.

Using ANSYS HFSS High-Performance Computing Capabilities To Help Deliver Better Products Faster

As simulation drives the design process, the time to perform simulations causes a huge hiccup in the development cycle. ANSYS has substantially improved the high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities of ANSYS HFSS, a simulation tool for 3D full-wave electromagnetic field simulation.

Product Catalog: Electronic Package Division

Mini-Systems, Inc. offers microelectronic package solutions in sizes and configurations for virtually any application. We deliver high-quality products at a competitive price and on time. Our 20+ years of packaging experience allows us to understand your requirements quickly and accurately.

The “E-Field Choke” Application Note

DLI’s E-Field Choke is a monolithic device based on highly effective and reliable parallel plate ceramic capacitor technology.

How To Select The Right Ferrite Isolators And Circulators For Your Application

Ferrite isolators and circulators are passive, ferrite devices that act as traffic conductors for RF energy in a system. This app note discusses the basics of ferrite isolators and circulators, and describes the three most important specifications for selecting the proper device for your application.

Introduction To SAW Filter Theory And Design Techniques

Tradeoffs must be considered when selecting the best filter for system design applications. SAW filter technology offers reduced size and weight, which results in lower overall costs. This paper presents general SAW theory and performance information.

Microwave Power Dividers And Couplers Tutorial

In order to design a component with high performance, designers must give attention to design detail, execution of the design, and quality of the fabrication. This article provides a basic tutorial of Marki Microwave power dividers and couplers, and defines power divider and coupler terminology.

Introduction To The MediSpec Medical Plastic Circular Interconnect System

Circular connectors are often used in medical equipment for a variety of applications, including surgical, electrophysiology, imaging, and monitoring applications. Many of these applications require high mating cycles, sterilization resistance, easy push/pull cable connect/disconnect, and biocompatibility. 

Featured Multimedia
Modeling Material Properties Based On Measurement

This webinar video explains how to use CST STUDIO SUITE for a number of techniques for extracting material properties based on the measured S-parameters of simple geometry samples. Important effects such as etch factor, over-etching, over-milling, metallization thickness, and the connection repeatability of low-cost end-launchers are addressed in real-world examples.

Bulletin Board
Electronic Packaging: Using EMI Material-Based Solutions

When designing new printed circuit boards for new electronic devices, it is important to consider electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding solutions early. One of the main issues encountered is when the individual components could pass EMI testing, but as the components are combined into subsystems or into the final product, the device under test (DUT) fails. Incorporating EMI shielding materials as part of an initial design is the most cost-effective way to prevent these last-minute issues during testing.

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