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Wideband Optical Modulator And Detector Characterization: Uncertainties And The Impact On Eye Diagrams/Time Domain Modeling
By Anritsu Company

Optical modulators and detectors have been characterized and calibrated over the years, but less attention has been given to the optimization of converter measurement uncertainties in a practical user context. Since frequency dependencies of various error mechanisms are different, the wide bandwidths could require procedural changes for optimum results. This paper explores these characterization and calibration processes, as well as the net uncertainties, and their impact on example eye diagram generation.

Spotlight On Sensors
An Introduction To Practical Real-Time Spectrum Analysis

This application note provides an introduction to the practical uses of RTSAs to reveal important information about the performance of RF/microwave components, track down sources of interference, and monitor the spectrum for activity and security threats.

Automotive Radar Sensors - Transmit Signal Analysis And Inference Tests

This application note highlights signal measurements and analysis of automotive radars that are crucial during the development and verification stages. Particular emphasis is placed on a setup to verify the functionality of a radar in case of radio interference.

NASA Develops Wireless Sensors To Detect Lightning Strike Damage To Composite Aircrafts

This article presents their process of using FEKO software in conjunction with optimizing and validating sensor designs in order to fast-track readiness for aircraft safety and commercial applications.

Power Sensor Selection Guide

LadyBug covers the RF and microwave power measurement market with three types of USB power sensors. Our True RMS sensors provide accurate, fast True RMS measurements.

Electromagnetic Design And Analysis Of Sensors

Many sensor applications rely heavily on the electromagnetic field and its accurate measurements. This article walks through the use of the CST STUDIO SUITE in virtual prototyping, field visualization, optimization, and modeling and CAD data import.

Understanding The PSP Series Of USB Pulse Power Sensors

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation introduces its new PSP series of wideband USB pulse power sensors. Ideal for EMC testing, testing, troubleshooting, amplifier design, and research, these sensors are instruments of choice for fast, accurate, and highly reliable RF and microwave power measurements.

The Role Of Sensors For The Connected Car

This white paper covers relevant trends and examples of innovative automotive sensors that support closed-loop control functions in exhaust gas after-treatment, transmission, and battery monitoring.

SAGE Millimeter’s Sensor Catalog

This catalog covers SAGE Millimeter’s line of sensors, offered primarily for radar systems integrators in distance detection applications. Sensors covered include Doppler sensor modules, ranging sensor modules, Doppler sensor heads, ranging sensor heads, and Doppler radar target simulators.

RF Millimeter-Wave Sensor Heads

SRF series single and dual-channel Doppler sensor heads are designed for long-range motion/speed/directional detection. The sensors are constructed with a high-performance horn antenna or horn-lens antenna, a balanced mixer (I/Q mixer for dual-channel version), and more.

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Introduction To NuWave’s HILNA Amplifiers

NuWaves introduces the High Intercept Low Noise Amplifier (HILNA) series of amplifiers ideally designed for applications requiring low noise and high linearity.

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Power Meter & Power Sensors

KRYTAR offers low-cost power meters in the following frequency bandwidths.

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