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Understanding Cased/Caseless Hybrid Couplers
By Anaren, Inc.

This white paper covers the different types of cased and caseless hybrid couplers, as well as their typical operating characteristics, and equations for each specification.

Spotlight On Cables & Connectors
How Connectors Perform In Harsh Corrosive Environments

It is important to understand the main factors driving corrosion, and how to make the best interconnection choices for a long-lasting and reliable solution. This white paper discusses the key factors in selecting the best connectivity options for even the most robust and corrosive application environments.

Benefits Of Low-Inductance Hybrid Cables

Installation of remote radio systems presents many challenges for mobile radio operators, installers, and system integrators. Challenges include considerations for how the higher power requirements affect the inductance of newly integrated hybrid cycles, and how inductive voltage drops can be reduced. 

Care And Handling Of Cable Assemblies And Connectors

Cable assemblies are critical to obtaining correct test results and signal integrity in many applications. Proper care and handling of cable assemblies and connector interfaces is critical for insuring accurate operation. 

Cable Connector Seals May Determine The Life Of Your Systems

This white paper presents numerous environmental challenges, such as the ability of connectors to seal out dust, dirt, and water, which must be addressed by cable connector manufacturers, along with a variety of standards that possibly need to be met.

High Speed Interconnects And How To Accurately Characterize Your Device

This application note discusses how to use VNAs for time domain measurements, as well as how the time and frequency domain relate, and what to look out for when measuring them.

Combined Electromagnetic Field and Cable Coupling Solutions

This white paper explains how FEKO electromagnetic simulation software can help engineers solve combined electromagnetic field/cable problems.

3D EM Simulation In The Design Flow Of High-Speed Multi-Pin Connectors

This article describes the design flow for a high speed connector, using CST MICROWAVE STUDIO (CST MWS) and other simulation tools during different stages of the design process to find fundamental design parameters, and to predict the behavior of a complete telecommunication system.

Understanding Cable And Antenna Analysis

A problematic base station can be replaced, but a cable and antenna system is not so easy to replace. This article covers fundamentals of cable and antenna analysis measurements: return loss, cable loss, and distance-to-fault (DTF).

How To Test An RF Coaxial Cable Using A Vector Network Analyzer

RF coaxial cables can be used to ensure the integrity of measurements taken by Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs) and other test equipment. Ideal cables are able to transfer maximum RF energy while incurring as small amounts as possible. 

Array Design With Antenna Design Framework And Electromagnetic Satellite Capabilities

IDS offers Antenna Design Framework and Electromagnetic Satellite (ADF-EMS) software for analyzing structures with a large number of elements to ensure excellent array performance. 

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VidaRF Video Introduction

VidaRF is a global technology provider of custom RF microwave components. Their product portfolio consists of MIL-SPEC and standard isolators, circulators, power dividers, couplers, RF connectors, adapters, cable assemblies, attenuators, and terminations. Instead of designing around catalog items, VidaRF products are engineered to meet and exceed customer requirements and expectations. The company is headquartered in Huntersville, NC.

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Connected Homes And Intelligent Buildings: Solving For Reliability, Convergence, Connectivity

With technology costs decreasing, consumers becoming more interested in connected home solutions, and an increase in reliance on the efficiency of the cloud, solutions for home automation have free reign to become more sophisticated and accessible. 

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