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Role Call: RF Modeling Manager
By Marissa Stonefield

Role Call is a series on RF Globalnet that looks at different jobs and career paths in the RF and microwave industry. We’ll explore what each position entails, how much you have to know, and what experience you need to get started. This time, we speoke with Yueying Liu, RF Device Modeling Manager with Wolfspeed/CREE.

Spotlight On Software - 3D Modeling
3D EM Simulation In The Design Flow Of High-Speed Multi-Pin Connectors

This article describes the design flow for a high speed connector using different simulation tools. The goal is to enable a first pass design without time-intensive and costly iteration steps. In addition to other simulation tools, CST MICROWAVE STUDIO (CST MWS) is used.

Using ANSYS HFSS High-Performance Computing Capabilities To Help Deliver Better Products Faster

As simulation drives the design process, the time to perform simulations causes a huge hiccup in the development cycle. ANSYS has substantially improved the high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities of ANSYS HFSS, a simulation tool for 3D full-wave electromagnetic field simulation.

Understanding AR’s Free emcware

AR’s emcware is a user-friendly, comprehensive electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test software package that includes automation routines for radiated immunity (RI), conducted immunity (CI), radiated emissions (RE), and conducted emissions (CE).

Different Techniques For EM Design And Verification Of Large And Complex Structures: Industrial Case Studies

New technologies in sensor design (AESA) and the need for integrated structure design to meet increasingly stringent RCS requirements require a new approach to design challenges, and the development of dedicated tools for analysis and processing.

XFdtd's Advantages For Mobile Device Design

Engineers can’t afford discrepancies between device efficiency and simulation results. Importing the right CAD model achieves a higher level of accuracy with measurements that are exceptionally close to the real device, streamlining workflow and simplifying the design process.

OCW Coffee-Can Radar Optimized In NI AWR Software

This application note describes how the original coffee-can radar system in an experiment was redesigned with NI AWR Design Environment software so that it delivers better performance, is less expensive to build, and has a smaller footprint then the original system.

Simplifying Radar Waveform Generation Using R&S Pulse Sequencer Software

Extensive field tests are often used to verify the performance and capabilities of electronic support measures (ESM) and signal intelligence systems (SIGINT) with the advances of signal complexity and bandwidth under preferably natural but controlled conditions. 

Making Better Models With User Data

It is necessary for RF system designers to have fast, intuitive architecture systems and frequency-planning tools. This white paper details the process of combining MATLAB and the RF System analysis to improve the accuracy of simulations through the use of personalized models.

Radar Cross Section Simulation: Air, Land, And Sea

A platform’s radar cross section is a key concern in designing aircraft, vehicles, and ships, as well as a key parameter in planning a strategy or mission.

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Providing Coverage To The YYC Calgary International Airport

What makes communication so challenging in an airport is its large coverage area and high-capacity requirements. That’s the challenge YYC Calgary International Airport faced when it built its new international terminal. The airport had virtually no commercial or public safety coverage from the macro and, as a result, the new international terminal faced both coverage and capacity issues.

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Electric Machine Design Workflow For Traction Applications

This Altair Flux Webinar is for motor designers, and car or train manufacturers to discover different available Flux tools -- ranging from predesign, fine-tune electromagnetic analysis, and NVH analysis to thermal analysis and system analysis.


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